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Would love to receive my headset order made in January 18th before that… I think you can extent it untill 100% Backers and Preorder made before march are delivered and fonctionnal.

It’s quite something to give your community a deadline when Pimax never kept one, don’t you think?


here here i am a kickstarter backer waited best part of 2 yrs and still not got mine so your right my friend


i cannot make a video because my pimax does not play well with the amd fury x together. Still receiving the 10935 error number, even if the pimax headset is finde (tested at a friends place)


Wait the 8k coming in this week :wink:



I have the 8K Pimax unit.

-Pros and cons.

Pros: It is a great VR Headset. I have not had any problems while using the Headset. I saw where a large number of Kick Starter supporters opted to receive the 5K version and I considered changing to the 5K but changed my mind.

I am glad I decided to keep the original 8K version. I am very pleased with image clarity. There is a slight screen door effect. However, it is hardly noticeable. The FOV is awesome even though I usually use the normal setting and have used the large setting a few times, it is adequate for me with the FOV in normal mode.

Cons: The sweet spot for the pupils is difficult to target. I would prefer each eye could be independently adjusted since my eye IPD is slightly different for each eye. For example, left eye 33.5 and right eye 32.5 and I also had an issue with the headset hurting my nose. I was able to resolve the issue by placing a small piece of thicker foam in the nose piece area.

-How the FOV immersion you into the game.

I do not play many games but the FOV seems to be fine in the games I do play. My primary use is in X Plane 11 since I have my pilot license. The FOV in X Plane is awesome. The original FOV in X Plane was about a third of what the 8K headset can provide for an immersive interaction in the flight in the simulator and gives you that real world feeling.

How does the resolution make you read text clear?

The text resolution is fine and I am now able to read the text and numbers in the cockpit of the plane.


It looks 21st century to me and is rather light for its size.

Wearing Experience

I have seen some people posting comments about the wearing experience for soft straps. I am not able to comment on the difference between hard strap and soft straps. I do not have a problem with soft straps. It is comfortable for me with the soft straps. The only issue I had was with the nose piece hurting my nose and uI used a thicker piece of foam to help eliminate that problem. It appears that the bottom of the lenses were resting on my nose.

Image Quality

Yes, I can see the pixels sometimes while X Plane is loading. However, after it loads it simply disappears when I am interacting in the flight simulator.

Performance (Your gaming experience with Pimax, you can share not only one game experience)

I currently interact specifically with X Plane 11 and the performance has been great. I know that I am limited by the performance of my computer hardware. I am also limited in performance by X Planes software as it relies heavily on single thread performance on the CPU while the developers work to convert to Vulcan and Metal to enhance multithread utilization. My current FPS in X Plane 11 average 25 FPS with PFC plugin for hardware interface.

PITOOL settings: HMD 1.75 FOV Normal 80HZ

Steam Manual Override Graphics all applications 32%

Application setting Graphics X Plane 100%

My computer:

7800X CPU

1080TI Asus ROG Graphics Card

32 GB Ram

SSD Hard Drives

Concluding Thoughts

I am happy with the headset but wish I had the light houses and controllers to go with it. I hope they will be coming soon!!

If I had the controllers, I would have more of a reason to interact with other games. On another note, the IPD adjustments for each individual eye would be a great improvement. One eye is always slightly clearer than the other because of the difference in IPD between the left and right eye. In addition, a wireless interface would be awesome.


I have an idea that fits nicely with this thread.

How about removing kickstarter stretch goal awards from people who have not received their headsets yet. It seems like it is a natural fit.


Just to confirm your a Backer?


So your saying you don’t want your stretch goals? I presume why should others loose out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



My review here : https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/5k-impressions-by-a-shortsighted-and-large-ipd-user/18453



Those of us without a headset are already losing out.


Since they are doing giveaways to those they chose to ship to first, I figured something like that is probably next.


Yes & I do find your case odd being in the US but then again we have fellow canucks in the same boat. Logistica does seem messed up as Backer’s headsets with exception of maybe some 8ks & XR units have been said all shipped.

I would think your mail system & customs should have been caught up by now.


Chose is not a word I’d choose for the logistics issues. I am sure there still training folks in Florida.


Not arguing those points at all, Helio. My patience for waiting on the headset actually is still fine. This thread makes me angry every time I see it however.


I can appreciate this indeed. It is quite baffling that some Backers are still waiting on the 5k+ but even at min imho the 8k should have been received by all backers by now.

Which naturally makes folks upset by these factors which is understandable. Unfortunately we can only hope that they have figured out what went wrong. come time for ks rewards & controllers/LHes they do better.


Would you please post in your own post and tag me?


Would you please post in your own post and tag me?


Aw jeezzz… Missed this one completely. Didn’t realize that the closing submission date is 5th of this month.

Are you still open to late submissions?


Yes, I am Kickstarter backer #2680.


@dallas.hao please add to earlybackers. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: