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You can take screenshots as per Steamvr & or game binding. Alternatively if you have steamvr mirror turned on you can take screenshots there as well.

Some might have better solutions though.


Sure! Will add you into the list.


Hey, as for screenshot, please check:https://www.howtogeek.com/226280/how-to-take-screenshots-in-windows-10/


Thank you for helping me answer the questions.


Well, I didn’t tell the specific time zone. The deadline count in EST. So, it will be around 49.5 hours left.


And the final grand prizes is measured by how many participants, not registers. Thank you all for being strongly participate.


Can you please add me to the list? :smiley:
I finally finished writing up my review.


my review


I don’t understand, what do you mean?


@Leon.Wang I changed the title of my review, maybe you can refresh it above? If you think it is worth it :wink:

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@Heliosurge Hi Heliosurge can I ask u if u see my “half review”… have I posted right?

I put @Leon.Wang . before to tag him

Have I done right?

I hadn’t time to complete it and I live in Europe, and I don’t know when the close in China the contest.
The time zone is so different between EUROPE and CHINA

They close at 12.00pm of Europe?


Your Review looks good. I moved it to it’s own topic & added link to your post here. Not quite sure on time. But think you are within the window for submission. Approximately 34hrs left at the time of this post based on Leon’s 49.5 hrs left post above.

Good luck to you & all other participents. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I’m scared I’m gonna miss the deadline, so here is my review @Leon.Wang


What a pity is less than half of what I would like to say but I was late for this contest :frowning:
I thank you so much Heliosurge
How u moved it to the right topic?

What do you mean that you added link to my post here.

Is so strange write in Forums for me and I think that I still muted by moths without doing nothing wrong…
Infact I can’t create New topic, I don’t see the button. In that way should be more easier…

You are saying that ramains 15 hours??


Leon said earlier to have your own topic for the contest.

I added a link to your post for the newly created topic


To create a new topic choose view latest topics on that page you will see a button to create a new topic.

If you schroll up to Leon’s post that says 49.5 hours left. It tells you how many hours ago he posted it. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

But yeah it can often be a challenge to learn new interface layouts.


I don’t know how but i create a new topic with my review

I’ll try to understand how many hours leftthanks




Pimax 5K+ Review (Gaming Experience contest) Only HALF-REVIEW due to lack of time, Sorry


Ah just noticed that topic will remove the duplicate I created.


Forum is too confusing for me