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Hi @Leon.Wang

please add my Review to the List:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi Leon, I’d like to enter my name in the list as well. I’ve submitted my review which can be found here:



Finally added my review
Jumping into Virtual Reality with Pimax 5K+[Another review]


Not a 100% sure but fixed it up with a review tag & changed category to 8k…

Might have been due to not having a category set.


For some reason I can’t post on my account so I had to create another account in order to post. The reply button was not even on the page on my main account. The account that wasn’t working was TicTacToe.


ps://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/my-thoughts-on-the-pimax-5k-by-tictactoe/18589 is my review @Leon.Wang for the account TicTacToe.


Guys, 27 hours left. If the participants didn’t reach 50. The grand prize won’t be 3 RTX2080Tis. If you guys want to be the top 3 and win the card. Please submit your post and make it 50!


How many more participants do we need to break 50?


As my count, there are 38 reviews right now. So, 12 is needed.


@Leon.Wang I changed something in the title again :wink:
Sry for this :see_no_evil: and thank you for all!


Do u mean the categorize thing

And what to choose?

Ah now it has maybe did it Leon


Here is my review: Does the Pimax 5K+ Scratch my VR Itch?


My review is here : Review 5k+ , 8k honest review by bubbleball


You’ve got it. I see you added tag review. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:



I didn’t know that there was a maximum of EDIT for day, now it says that I have to wait 20 hours… I’m done now, what I can do? I didn’t know I have limited edit…
The conent ends at 12.00PM …


Reply to your post & continue your review. If it needs to be inserted in places. I can likely help & put it where it needs to go.

Just quote parts of your review for reference so I know where to insert. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I try to continue in the comment as you say

I didn’t understood how you can help, isn’t it only modifiable by me?

You mean I need to write what i’m doing in the comment right?


Reply to your post & put references in your post if it needs to be inserted in your review. As a leader/mod I can edit others posts.

So if you reply to your post add references where you want changes or additions.

Just add @Heliosurge so call my attention.


I noticed that the Edit limit is in general, not only for my review but also in comment I can’t Edith more times, so I have to make It right suddently at the first time and then post

I try to do my best at the first time then :frowning:

I use Word (because I know myself, I sve hundreds of times before finish…), and then I copy on comments … add strong and emphasis where is need …

I understood, thank you so much.

So I explain when I start my “modification” and I have to add your username ! Easy.

Anyway in this case you will I understand quickly because I start rivisiting my (bad english) review SUDDENTLY AFTER the pictures reguarding the IKEA REGOLIT LAMP about CABLE MANAGEMENT as you can see in the picture and the red arrows .

I start by that point to correct english.
The PART BEFORE IS OK FOR ME, I like my introduction and picture I posted


My review is here
poca2k Awesome Review!