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Here’s a vote for those of us waiting for our headsets.


My bad, I will count them together.


Really great reviews all round here despite the competition aspect. It’s not easy conveying thoughts especially if English isn’t your first language. So… it’s really hard to choose and read them all (although I read most when posted). Rather than this be a popularity contest. I will simply ask my other half to choose three random numbers between 1- 43 and vote for those (my own excluded obviously).



I think that is a great idea. Thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:


I mainly read the cons, if i though it was an honest review and did not over hype, it got my vote.


Thats my vote as well

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I like how I lost a bunch of likes when weeks later am told to repost entry in a new post. ::does it anyway because I’m not a limelight winner.::


Voting not work for me!!! Just no reaction.


Nothing happens when I press Vote button


If your looking for the results after the vote. It doesn’t show results.



But when results changes? When i press button i see this


If you mean the 3 you chose stays visible to you with the button vote now. I think that’s normal. But don’t know for sure.

But thats what I see. Says closes & results shown in 2 days.


Yes, I set the result will be shown once the pool is closed. However, for the @VTS case, I don’t sure yet. I think the pool just collect the first time choice when you click the vote button.


Super exciting. I enjoyed broklynites review the most as it seems to be a very balanced account of the users experience with much reflection.


Just making observations about voting but are votes coming from new accounts permitted?



It would be nice if there was something in place to prevent fraudulence.


It’s been mentioned before. The forum software does have some features to prevent it & truthfully would be foolish to risk being excluded from future contests.

I personally think folks should keep who tgey voted for anonymous.


When exactly the voting closes?
I am very nervous and exited! :smiley: :sweat_smile:


Tomorrow according to the poll.