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Good intentions badly executed = pimax!.. again!!

Not entering into this as I feel its unfair on many backers, plus most know my story of failed headsets already :slight_smile:


They will end up with more justufied reviews like @TuTVR’s support experience waiting 2+ months after returning the headset with them asking him to ship it back.

Not good for their PR with the Housing & cable issues & sending multiple folks defective replacements. At least it was finally admittef current Defects maybe higher than the outdated 8% (though also said possibly lower) info frim January.


Please pimax,first serve your customers…Instead of spending your time on this topic.

So that all support questions are answered and all replacement units are sended…

Maybe the pimax is fun to play with,but the terrible support destroys all the fun!
So with this kind off support not recommended !

Even if you got the biggest field off view.


It’s not as though they have controllers ready to go, though. What good are the new LHs without controllers, really?


That is actually a good point. Any one who actually has had a bad time and received your headset do participate and give them your unbiased honest experience.


LHes along can improve the experience. But are not needed for this ill planned promo.


From a community standpoint it doesn’t make sense to hold this right now and it would be better to delay it. It does make sense from a business standpoint, though, because they want to have a large number of positive and extensive reviews to get consumers to buy their headset. What better way to get the community involved than to offer them a $1300 graphics card :joy:


diversionary tactic.



yes Pimax, thankyou for omitting many backers from this contest who still have no idea when they will receive their headset because of your mismanagement. Thanks for rubbing it in. Please be advised.

@PimaxUSA @Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao


wish i was able to receive the 5k+ originally pre-ordered alas.


not to worry, you’ll probably get yours before backers.


I had the long wait and now my headset doesnt even work,


Not according to your other post; it just has some kind of conflict with your racing wheel. When both are connected.


No, if you play the games without lighthouse and work properly, you can still register.


Seriously?? Not so smart Pimax. Would you try answering support tickets instead of this obvious attempt to get (sorry buy) reviews to will be used for marketing reasons…

You guys are insulting me by ignoring my ticket and posts and you come with this. Way to go!


Seems like the team is going to miss the point. Not the time to be running a promo when support is broken & so far behind. If the team is wise and wants to build respectability they will consider delaying this promo for 1 month to get the house in order.

看来球队会错过重点。当支持被打破 & 远远落后的时候, 就不是进行促销活动的时候了。如果团队是明智的, 并希望建立体面, 他们会考虑推迟1个月的促销活动, 使房子井然有序。


Totally agree let us all get our headsets first so we can participate.
Mine i fear is due in 12mths at this rate so you guys ok waiting till i get mine first lol


Here still with no replys from support or email,still with my broken 5kplus and no info on my 8K.

The worst support i ever had from a company…
I think of selling my pimaxes(if i ever recieve them)



what i wrote my experience allready xD you cant make them stop now.

Haha but still sad though.

So the Postings beginn in 7 Days then?