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I haven’t got an 8K yet.
I’m testing the limits of patience, and seeing this event makes me so angry.
If Pimax has a conscience, finish shipping all products and start the event.


Not that hurry. You can take your time.


Please don’t be mad, I understand the feeling of 8K backers.
I’ve changed the event timeline.


We really need the feedback from the community.
For those Cons, Dallas and I will report it to the R&D team.
Also, the feedback from you guys also can bring back toward Game Developers. The purpose is to bring Pimax users much more immersion into games.


Thanks for your advice.


if i get my pimax5k+ i wiill share the photo and video and review
when can i get my 5k+

5k+ thankyou pimax

Still waiting on my replacement for my broken 5kplus,and also the 8k i also didnt recieve yet…

So a bad experience at the moment.


So do we need to register again? because the Survey Monkey Text has changed? Now we need to show the pimax AND the lighthouses? @Leon.Wang


still punishes the loyal backers who are still awaiting their 5ks even after all this time ITS JUST WRONG



CONS cant try as they have yet to ship it to me backer 6248
PROS one day it may arrive along with my repaired 4KBE and 8k


I relinked original post to show timeline change. Hopefully they will have you & other backers resolved long before new date.

I do really sympathize with your growing frustration.

@Dallas.Hao please look into his

  • Warrenty Repair on original pimax B1
  • And if possible shipping in his 5k & 8k units


Its a joke as they confirmed in a mail my right address after i moved weeks ago then i just got a message saying the delay is because i moved WTF


Thank you Helio but i am (yes just) starting to not believe the excuse they are giving me lol


Do we have to have the Light Houses? (Requested in the Survey)

@Leonardo @Dallas.Hao


Good question but in truth imho you shouldn’t need them.

Added leon & dallas to post.


I would love too have the lighthousees, but I am finding it hard to spend the bucks on a used Vive setup just so that I can have the controllers and Base Stations for a few weeks until the PiMax variantes come out (ok VERY Optimistic guess :wink: but some day they will be out)
Thanks @Heliosurge


Agreed so to make it fair to all LHes shouldn’t need to be required


I believe this was answered by Leon a while back. I believe he is saying that you don’t have to have lighthouses as long as you can play games and it works properly?


That was their response to my question, and I interpreted the same way you do.