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It’s the same link, you don’t need to register again.


Correct. You don’t have to have lighthouses as long as you can play games and it works properly.


But you do need a headset lol
still waiting for mine had to fill in yet another survey even though weeks ago my address ect was confirmed by email by the guys at pimax this comedy of errors never ends


I’m in the same boat! Backer 30XX and not a word on the 5K BE build time or when it will be sent out. There are about 50 of us waiting for the 5K BE, but since we’re so few and relatively quiet… seems like we’re going to be last of the backers and probably behind the early birds as well.


I can’t belive you went through with this. Treachery is a quite suiting word for it.


I can’t believe what I’ve just read. Please concentrate on fixing the support site and helping all the customers with issues instead of running silly competitions. Who came up with this plan? Whoever it was should be sacked. If you want to know the pros and cons of the headset just read your forum.


Perfectly said @RiftFlyer

My 2 cents worth… fix what’s broke, then think about the bandaid to smooth over all the ill feelings.


This thread is becoming toxic.

Please keep the comment civil… Make your point (good or bad). Say you WILL or WONT participate and the reason and leave it at that.



I’ve also given them feedback about the support service and aftersales part as well.
The changing process takes time and hiring new people who get well acknowledge also takes time.
Pimax is trying to improve with the issue you said and we do know how important it is.
However, as you might know we do also need reviews and feedbacks from customers.


Agreed & the team did take counsel from the community into consideration & extended the contest timeline as a result.

Thank you Leon. I think we often loose sight of; while it always sucks to receive an item with a defect. It is stressful being on the support side trying to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

So on that side of things I apologize if I have come across impatient & harsh. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Indeed, as a starter company especially in tech&geek part. The customer service and logistics solutions are the most two important parts to represent how a company deals with the customer.
It’s a shame we did not do well in previous, sorry guys.
I also take cares of social networks, I do know how anxious or even angry you guys are.
As a member of the marketing team, I do know how bad when people not satisfy with our service and to push forward the competition. But, guys, if a company stop trying to share the news with people not in Pimax community. How can we make Pimax become better? There is a saying in Chinese "不能一口吃个大胖子” if you want to translate in English directly which means you can not eat one meal and go fat. Also, things need to be done step by step, we need support from you guys.
For those who do not have the opportunity to join in this competition, I will organize one more sharing experience ish competition or even make the competition each quarter. Will share the further new with the community and will to hear the advice.


There was some wise words written in chinese, lets not forget…

~ Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.
― Confucius

Mistakes and errors are made, to grow stronger and improve is to learn from these mistakes.

Keep the faith


Day 489. This will be the day This is my post of my pimax 5k, there will be a secondary review since my friend also revived his hmd same day. From this I will be able to tell the difference between the two if any! Thank you for this great opportunity!


How do we submit our experience? I’ve done the survey (my photo may not be the best but it has the lighthouse in the background and Vive controllers and the Pimax being used) but how do I actually post my write up bit


This is to get feedback on the new HMD’s, how are you going to do that if you only have a 4k HMD?


Quotes, huh?

“Listen lady, I only speak two languages; English and bad English.”

-Korben Dallas


Well for one Pimax 4k users should still have a way to compete as they are the longest supporters. Some for example are also community leaders here whom volunteer their time supporting not only OG pimax supporters with earlier models & new Pimax 5k & 8k userd.


You can complain that they didn’t have such a competition to promote feedback from 4K users back then but the competition is to promote feedback on the new HMD’s which someone without a new HMD cannot do, regardless of whether we feel they are deserving or undeserving.
I think a more appropriate way to reward 4k users is to offer a discount on the new HMD’s which I believe they did?


No matter. It obvious you don’t understand the point. No offer that I know of as yet has been made. The og pimax users have supported the new hmds by a large margin. As resources needed caused them not to have a new piplay(software interface & driver) in well over a year & unlike many backers have not raised big issues over it. Meaning any needed bug fixes & driver improvements have been dead in the water.

So yes it would also be good to at the very least to give them an opportunity to win a competition like this or to have one that excludes 5k\8k owners to give back to P1 series headset owners as thanks. Since without their early support 5k\8k would only have been a dream long from now.


I understand you have a sense of entitlement because you once purchased a product from a company.
What you don’t understand is that you are not entitled to enter the competition because you don’t have a new HMD.
You may as well complain you didn’t get any of the kickstarter entitlements.
Imagine people complaining that they purchased a washer or hair-drier or TV or any product because years later that company released a new product with a competition attached to gain feedback on it that they could not enter - it’s absurd.
And they base this argument on the fact they “supported the company” by purchasing a product they wanted years earlier, please.

If you are complaining about a lack of support for the 4k then that is an entirely different subject and irrelevant to the competition,
I’m not arguing whether you are well or badly supported for your purchase of the 4k, but that the competition based on the 5k+ and 8k sales are irrelevant to that sentiment.