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Boy are you confused. I declined by choice not to enter last competition to win an 8k. While this one appears to be judged by the community and I like anyone whom does not own a 2080 ti could use one. I will choose to be neutral & not to enter. But wish all the best in the competition.

This is not about entitlement at all. It is about the folks whom bought pimax headsets even while the 5k & 8k were being developed and never received 1 update on the software for a product bought.

There is plenty of feedback that can be gotten from allowing them to compete.

You are being absurd in your ignorance of this community. I am sure you also think that pimax should have kept with the original timeline.

Any entries on their experiences can be used by pimax regardless. Including any reviews already published in the forums. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

If it was sales than us backers would be excluded. If you were paying attention. This competition is to get more reviews to help with generating future sales.


Wow… What did I just come home to!

Case in point, ‘where’ does it say that this is ‘only’ for the new 8k or 5k+ headsets?

The subject line reads ‘share your pimax experience’ it does not say ‘share your pimax 8k experience’

Even when reading Leon’s 1st post he does not specifically say it is for a specific model. He just says your experiences with pimax. And owners of the original 4k have more experiences with the pimax brand than anyone else here.

He does mention new headsets, but as you can still buy 4k models are they not new? So does that mean they can still participate.

But seriously a 4k should not be judged as old if the item can be bought from pimax or its sales vendors new.


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Um… I’d say “Ma” but…My HMD did not arrive. :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


My experience with Pimax 4k and pimax

-Pros and cons.
Image quality is much better than vive and ocolus.
I thought pimax 4k was rather cheap, and like i dont need extra equpiment to play in vr.
Pimax gives a little more fps in games ( i think ).
The 4k is lightweight

no ventilation so you image can sometimes “fog” on the lenses when you sweat or are a little hot.
it come without hand controllers and base station.
( i bought the nolo handcontrollers, they are litterly terrible and worthless i have thrown them in the trash ).
manual and setup of the pimax 4k was almost non excisting.

-How the FOV immersion you into the game.
The FOV is the same as vive and ocolus, only the image impress me and that was why i bought the pimax 4k and sooner preorder the 5k+ that did not yet arrive.

-How does the resolution make you read text clear?
I only use pimax 4k for flying flight sims such as DCS WORLD.
THe text on screen and especially the quality and much longer view distance is why i bought the pimax
4k… Example with vive and ocolus you cannot see a forrest or even a city from far away. But with pimax 4k you can see details like 10 times further away.

Feel free to write down your opinion about the experience when you play the game with Pimax.
In my oppinion I like the pimax 4k though it do have faults.
Example it took me years to find out there is software named Pitools, I always only used piplay.
I had allot of issues with piplay to start the vr headset and did firmaware up and down updates and it was a nightmare… But after spending weeks reading forums and such, i found out about pitool someday and as long as i turn this on before i plugin and turnon my vr headset then pimax 4k turn on in 70% of the cases… Sometimes i have to restart the pc to make pimax work and be detected.
For flight sims the pimax 4k is much better than vive and ocolus… And i expect pimax 5k+ to be really fantastic due to the FOV that allow me to get a better emersion of sitting in a cocpit… example just to be able to view in a 45 degree angle while looking streight will make it so much more easy to fly in formation since i can in the edge of my eye sight see things, rather than the pimax 4k “toilet roll view” where you mostly only can look streight. I also look very much forward to the pimax controllers and base station and hand controlers.

The design of the pimax 4k is lightweight and “slim”. To my surprise the elastic band that hold your vr headset to your head is quite good. But quality of the headset i would call cheap, that is how it feel… But it work great.

Wearing Experience
I am a man with a big head ( im 183cm tall and wide shoulders and have a wide head ).
I am able to adjust pimax lenses to like 63 i think and see clearly, but I have to move the headset a tiny bit down on my nose to see clearly. And when i do this I feel a tiny bit of itching on my nose.
But i survive.

Concluding Thoughts
All in all at first i hated my pimax 4k, but after i found pitool and understand how to turn on pimax 4k almost every time then I started to enjoy the 4k much more.
I think the pimax 4k is better than vive and ocolus ( actual allot better ) especially in flight sims, and i like i dont need base stations to track my head but the headset have build in gyro… It work really well.
The only thing i cannot do is lean left and right in the plane, but I can at least sit still on my chair and look arround and its really great and i can live without being able to tilt my view or look “arround corners”.
If you ONLY use vr in flightsims then pimax 4k and the new 5k or 8k is what you want… ( i recommend 5k+ ) If you already own a vive VR base stations and vive controllers then I presume you can combine pimax with the vive controllers and play as you normal would.
You can with piplay also play ocolus games and vive games and it work pretty okay… Only issue is
you have to conifgure your buttons in vr games from ocolus so they can be pressed on the vive.
The two games i tried with vive controlers palying ocolus games then it did work, but I was not so impressed though, it just fell so good… ( i like to say the ocolus controlers are amazing and I expect pimax controllers that come alter in 2019 to be just as good and then I can have a complete pimax system with 5k+, hand controllers, base station and hand sensor… its going to be fantastic.

PS… I preorder pimax 5k in october i think… now we are 10th march 2019.
I made a mistake with my shipping address and tried to correc this writing to pimax e-mail support for 3 month without them updating my address… and then someday i notised i could just login to my account on pimax and update it my self… But in general 3 month writing to update your postal address without success that is simply not okay.
Also i have no idea when they ship my preorder, it would be nice to know if its going to be in april-may-june 2019 ( i think my order is preorder 1075 if i remember correctly ).


Piplay was all there was. Pitool only was released in Sept/Oct of 2018. The connection issue in piplay is hit & miss (was terrible in piplay 1.1.92). But in the last newest version was decent. Rarely had a problem with it on connecting.


Can you post on your own thread? Then I can do a link to transfer to your post.


sure: Pimax 5K+ review from sim racer

Sorry wasn’t clear on what exactly to do, just wanted to share my observations :slight_smile:


I take a small break from the forum and then this fun stuff happens! I know it was mentioned we only had 7 days to register… any chance for a late entry? :slight_smile:


Yes, the deadline was previously extended.


I’d like to share my experience, however it is not a positive one…

Playing games like Arizona Sunshine I have found the lack of blacks quite off putting, especially when in a cave in pitch black night with nothing but a pistol and a torch. The lack of blacks and contrast here pretty much ruins the experience… Similar to the Darkside of planets in Elite Dangerous. Due to the newer lighting features this area is just not very good.


I’m assuming you have a 5K+. I have an 8K and the blacks are supposed to be better on it. Of course, an LED screen will never have the deep blacks or brilliant colors of an OLED display, but personally, I find them to be fine in Elite Dangerous.

You might want to try the “Low” brightness option in PiTools, which is what I’m using. The bright colors are still plenty bright.


While there is a difference between low and high, it is not a very large difference…


If your not using Smart Smoothing effect is more noticable. I generally keep mine on Low.


True. But it does help. More brightness values would be better, but at least I have a few brightness options.


Thanks Neal_ I missed that in all the posts. :slight_smile:


Color adjustment was typically asked for along with brightness control. We got the latter, so there’s reason to believe we will eventually get the former.


Can’t really speak to that since I’m still waiting for my 8k to finish being built. How about @pimax you make sure that all backers have received their headsets before closing the competition? #25xx Canada


How do I find my forum id? I need it for the entry…?? Please help


Your Forum id is your name here “Neuon”