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Off topic,I’m getting VorpX to play nice now and holy crap once saturation is used the HMD shines compared to using the quite drab Virtual Desktop instead,if Pimax can achieve that kind off fidelity it is a bit of a game changer :smiley:


heres my review guys


I can’t wait to receive my P123239, should be a week from me by now :slight_smile:

As a Web developper with 3D skills, my Pimax will be the device which will makes my dream possible, Evolving in my career.
Since I found the VR world 4-5 years ago I started to dream about changing job by developping web game in VR. Now with Pimax I will try to make our VR world even greater <3

Sorry for my english, not native* :stuck_out_tongue:


That is awesome! I look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts when ready to present. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Ok @Leon.Wang

Topic created = My review of the Pimax 8k for the "Gaming Experience Event"



That also the reason I’m not participating.
I mean, sure, as stated in my review on this forum (did people really need to flood the forum with their own thread each time), there were some things that clearly impressed me, but overall, this is quite disappointing for now.
Maybe when people will receive every accessories that the kickstarter offered, things like comfort will improve, but for now, I regret believing in it.


I think it is nowhere stated, that you have to share a “positiv” expierience…


Please do post your experience negative pr will get them to correct themselves quicker.


It’s about one week left. If you want to join the competition, please don’t hesitate.


It asks for a photo of my headset for proof. Am I supposed to photoshop a photo since I am still waiting for the headset?



:sob: I probably won’t get my 8K in time for this


I think HK warehouse does not send tracking number to pimax.


Sorry, I’m really sorry, but I do not participate in any competitions or contests. I got a great and well working 5k + from you “Pimax”, and I could very well use a hi-end card but I would like to be able to afford it myself, even if it will take a while. (these things are just pigs expensive) :disappointed_relieved:
In this sense, good luck to all who participate


When I click the link " (http://www.pimaxvr.com/experience "

It says I already signed up for this survey. How do I participate?? Thank you

@mozi @Dallas.Hao


You are already in the list. #14


This is a great idea!! Maybe I’ll win something. Do I actually need my backer 8K to arrive to submit something? I could just imagine what it would be like. Is that OK?


This is my review…

Playing “Contagion VR: Outbreak” last night, let me set the scene for you…

Zombie First Person Shooter :- Check
Dark Atmospheric Scenes :- Check
Lots of suspense :- Check
Intense sounds :- Check

So here I am, creeping around, only 5 rounds left, so trying to be as quiet as possible… Checking doors and corners and hearing the sounds of the ‘infected’ just around the corner…

I am in a dark room, filled with the sounds of my VR experience, totally engrossed in the game and what I am doing, when my blind Jack Russel enters the room and proceeds to lick my leg… No I am not ashamed to admit that my scream would have any 12 year old ‘mean girl’ clapping with the anticipation of a sugar addict in a chocolate factory, but as a nearly 50 year old veteran of such genre’s as Arma 3, Project Cars 2 and Elite Dangerous, I admit a little bit of poo came out !

After taking about 20 mins to calm down, have a scotch and get over the PTSD, I once again took to shooting Zombie’s/Infected, however this time the door was LOCKED !!!

Please feel free to flame away… After going through this above experience, I can take anything !!



That’s awesome! Now that’s immersive value. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Due to Razer Hydra being too buggy can only enjoy orig flat game. :flushed:


Contagion VR is good, but still quite buggy, especially the gun mechanics etc, but it is fun :wink: I tried their Demo on Steam, freebie !!