[Pimax Official Activity][Updated]Sharing Your Gaming Experience With Pimax (Grand Prize RTX2080Ti)



Dear Community: [Timeline is been changed]
Participants reached 50 grand prizes up to 3 RTX2080Ti for the Top 3 votes.

Many backers and some pre-order customers have already received their headset. Do you guys enjoy your headset?What are the majority of games you guys playing? Would you like to share your gaming experience with us?

Pimax would like to organize an event on the forum by " Sharing your gaming experience with Pimax

You can write down:

-Pros and cons.

-How the FOV immersion you into the game.

-How does the resolution make you read text clear?

Feel free to write down your opinion about the experience when you play the game with Pimax.

If you have no idea how it goes, I will give you a template below:

Your personal thoughts about (Share with pictures)


Wearing Experience

Image Quality

Pros and Cons

Performance(Your gaming experience with Pimax, you can share not only one game experience) Also, would like to hear about your RIG. It can help others know about the FPS ish.

Concluding Thoughts

Bonus: Gifs and Videos

We made changes to the process of the event. Registration and article preparation and release processes are integrated together.

You don’t have to have lighthouses as long as you can play games and it works properly.

We will stop register on April 5th and end up collecting on April 12th, put all the posts in order and the link of their post in this thread. (If you as participants are not able to submit your post before the deadline, you would be marked as “giving up”)

The final vote is by a pool according to the ordering number of the registration which is the same as the order I post in this thread. Also, the pool stays for a week and voted by all community on the forum end up on April 19th.

We will announce the grand prize according to the number of participants. But it will be at least one Nvidia RTX2080Ti card. (Participants also have the opportunity to get the game redemption code.)

I have 10 Shadow Legend VR codes and 10 DCS Flaming Cliffs 3 codes in hand.

Please stay tune of this thread.
Registration List:

  1. Manzilla
  2. Broklynite
  3. Fomatter
  5. coolguy2002 (Link:My Pimax 5k plus)
  6. titoine
  7. Lingaraju.g
  8. leppermessiah1
  9. VR247
  10. TheHolyOne
  11. murphderf
  12. J11
  13. Douglaster(link:My review of the Pimax 8k for the "Gaming Experience Event")
  14. stixvr
  15. Horst789
  16. Domrockt
  17. VTS
  18. Aesopfabled
  19. StandingCow
  20. proto
  21. Darkaito Bruns
  22. Irregularprogramming
  23. bubbleball
  24. Decapper
  25. Willyfisch
  26. EMMET
  27. grzvs
  28. DruidArena
  29. noro
  30. stefan1331
  31. Hoshi82
  32. CrazyM
  33. pome
  34. nukular
  35. TicTacToe
  36. Kazesui
  37. OblibionHase (Link:Day 489. This will be the day)
  38. Nickexp
  39. V.Anaconda
  40. TheIronWolf
  41. Jien1963D
  42. VTS
  43. poca2k
  44. HECer
  45. Wooties
  46. Korgen
  47. Yassum
  48. spiritstrike(link:Review - One Month with the 5K+t)
  49. hOZ
  50. sYnchen (link:My first Impressions for Pimax 5k+ (Preordered Oct 27 2018))
  51. Laserob

Wheres all the OMG posts?
Wheres all the OMG posts?
New Cable received, but no manual... How do i install?
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wow~ It’s so exciting :smiley::rofl:




Wow~~~~ come on join us


Nvidia RTX2080Ti ?:yum::yum::yum:


I want RTX2080Ti !!:unamused::unamused:


Oh no! Wait for me, I have not picked up my preorder yet. :sob:


@Leon.Wang @Dallas.Hao
A great competition, however very unfair… :frowning:
What about backers who have not yet received HMD?
The competition should take place when all backers receive their goggles. Or you should extend the duration of the competition.


Please send me my 8K and then i am with you!!!:zwinkern::zwinkern::zwinkern:


So…we write it down and then…? Do we post them in this thread? And it sounds like the favorite review is voted on by the community?


Wow Pimax… You’re screwing over a large percentage of backers… Yet again. You must really hate us… This is completely unfair


Isnt it more fair to wait with this till all backers have their headsets?


Great offering pimax peoples


soooo… this is ONLY for pimax 5k+ or 8k users? and not for existing 4k owners who have been following pimax since they started out?

anyone else feeling like 4k users are being swept under the carpet?

thanks for the community event…shame its not for ‘all’ of the community


I took the survey but I didn’t realise I was supposed to put my comments with the photo so all I sent was a pic :slightly_frowning_face:


Can you specific the final date?


Can I share my vomitus experience? :grin:


This is the first one that we are going to push on the forum.
I know it is unfair to those who did not receive their headset.
It will make more events for community.


Register through the link. We will collect the information from it.
The register period last 7 days.
I will announce the list in this thread.
People who register this activity will have 2 weeks to submit by creating his/her own thread and @ me or Dallas. We will update the information in this thread.
And the final vote as a pool will last one week. All members of the community can vote the one you like most.