[Pimax Official] Attention Please! All the emails from Pimax should end like ”@pimaxvr.com”



Very Important!

One of our customer has been emailed cheated by an unknown person who pretended as our sales.

Please aware,all the emails from Pimax should end like “@pimaxvr.com” .


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Don’t be confused by surprise or impatience.


the website is not resetting passwords i cant login to service says userid not found i reset the password like 15 times … still not working I NEED HELP


I have the same problem. I can’t log into the website and my headset has been shipped back to China by mistake by UPS

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I always send e-mail to that address.
However, very often, there are no answer…TT


did you get ahold of anyone? these a$$holes never respond


To my acquaintance’s backer
a Russian domain email (support@pimaxvr.ru) is coming.
Asking his name, address, phone number and backer number

Is this inquiry a fraud


It sure sounds like a fraud.