[Pimax Official]Cable replacement request(Flicking white Dots)



OMG! Seems I should buy the cable by myself on AliExpress while my P8 is in building limbo.
The DP + usb 5m pair by Ugreen (premium brand) costs around $30.


Cables are proprietary.


@Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao ,i was told my replacement cable ( supen 2330) would be sent between the 3/8 & 3/12 but since recieved and email swapping my enquiry to replacement status then back to support team status.can you please confirm cable is being sent and the last emails recieved can be ignored thanks


So I have to provide the properties of this proprietary cable by quality components of my DIY solution.
I have no patience to wait more and more and more.


Have you seen the cable in question? 3 cables in (usb, dp, power) and only one out with a custom plug. I doubt that you can diy an appropriate replacement without either butchering the original cable or having access to some sort of production facilities.


I have a multimeter, a soldering station, two eyes and two hands. :slight_smile:


Good luck then, I would love to see the end result.


:smiley: First I have to get my damn P8 with defective cable.


SUPEN-2586 I am waiting 3 weeks now for a replacement please contact me and let me know whats holding up the cable being sent to me?


To day.
I challenged again signup.
Mailaddress and password was same as previously failed.
I coud Created a new support account and logged in.
Created a new SUPEN.
I was able to login again later.

Sorry for ugly English.


Received my 5k+ today - noticed all the described issues above immediately including black screen flickering. Also noticed image rendering happening on the right hand side lens only (far right side) coupled with a blue light strip down the right hand side where the rendering was occurring- strange.

@Dallas.Hao my SUPEN-2710 will need a new cable. Incredible.


I noticed flickering dots in the first day of using HMD and created a SUPEN ticket which was answered after a couple of minutes, it wasn’t a problem. But I have a question. My new cable won’t live forever obviously, as my Vive cables died every 8-12 months. At least HTC sells cables, so I can buy a new cable when I want (and I did it 2 times).
Do you plan to sell cables in the future, as spare parts? I would like to be able to buy it at any time.


@Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang thanks for the new cable,was sent the day you said and took 3 days from china to uk impressive.i notice new cable is thinner and feels rigid,thanks


I got mine on Friday and gave it a try - looks good so far.


how long since you opened the ticket?


how long since you opened the ticket? 20 characters


I opend the ticket for the snow issue on
and had it on
so less then two weeks.


I´m waiting 24 days and I don´t know when they are going to send it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They need a system that show alle current status - the mix of mail, issue system and so on is not very clear. - One System showing who is on it and what is currently happening - would spare them a lot of time also.


4 weeks for me too ;(