[Pimax Official]Cable replacement request(Flicking white Dots)



I do not remember that the flickering pixels are caused by the cable. my replacement cable had not solved the problem.
if it were the cables, the flickering pixels would always be there.
That’s not the case. they come and go…


I had sparkles first week then none for another week and yesterday they came back , tried different power sources at different times , still looking to see what is causing it but I’m not convinced that the cable is faulty as it’s not consistent


I suspect the motherboard in the glasses causes the problems.
Anyway, I want a pair of glasses that is okay.
if pimax can not solve this problem, i will reclaim my money.


One month and counting. Still waiting!


My cable is finally in the country and probably a day or two away, but that took hounding them 3 or 4 times in the SUPEN, and I think twice here in the forums.

Opened Jan 24 so just under two months. I finally got a tracking number last Wednesday so they are shipping quickly once you get to the front of the queue.

Should not have been so hard but the end is in sight, as long as this cable works.


Hey Pimax,

i just opened my Ticket.


Can’t wait for my new cable! :slight_smile:



Waiting for 4 weeks now, no track number yet
Supen 2121


Been told today, after waiting 4 weeks and getting the general runaround that they do not have annymore cables and they will send me 1 when they get some.
@Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun @Sean.Huang
Supen 2121


Yes, I opened a ticket about this January 30th, but still no word on whether / when I will be getting a new cable. @Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun @Sean.Huang – can you please check SUPEN-1655 and let me know how and when I can get a replacement cable?


Same here… absolutely ridiculous. i got an email on the 4th march to confirm my shipping address and once i did they would send the cable out on the 8th. i replied to the email to confirm. turns out i was meant to reply on the ticket page which i was never told to do. Now i have missed out on that batch and have to wait god only knows for the next batch… my pimax has been sitting unused since February.

this is a joke

SUPEN 2434


Mine was opened Jan 24, cable arrived today with a tracking number last Wednesday.
I had to push updates on the SUPEN twice after confirming my address before it was finally dealt with.


I got my second replacement cable today.
the problem of flickering pixels was not resolved by the second cable.


Mine arrive a couple of days ago, fired it up yesterday and the flickering is all gone.
I hope these cables have all been tested so any remaining issues can at least be isolated as ‘not a cable problem’.


@Ralf have you tried a different DP port in your GPU?
I have one DP port in my GPU which gives the sparks.


Good to know that this can fix the problem for some and props for finding out :+1:. Tried it but no luck.


Yeah true story, I had to do something to my PC and so I plugged all the connectors out and when plugged back in I didn’t remember which DP port I had previously used for the Pimax. Got sparkles and thought ok here we go, the cable is gone, but it got fixed just by swapping the DP port.


yes I have, that makes no difference.


Uh oh. That’s not good. I have a similar problem and there’s a replacement cable on the way.


I suspect the cables are not enough for the glasses.
pimax must necessarily produce better cables …
this is supposed to happen in the course of the year when the new eyewear models are being built …
I hope that this error is corrected.


My old cable had times when there was a snowstorm of flickering pixels, to times when there were just a few. My new cable seems very good, as in the hours I’ve been using it I haven’t seen a single flickering pixel. So, the new cable definitely fixed the problem for me. This good cable was shipped to me from the United Arab Emirates.
Edit: I used the same DisplayPort port with both cables.