[Pimax Official]Cable replacement request(Flicking white Dots)



I’ve submitted a support ticket to replace the cable. I did have the flickering from the start, and I’ve since upgraded my video card but the issue remains.

I’ve received a confirmation email


Update: I have received an email from a member of the team saying that they will send me a new cable asap, and the email also asked that I wait for an email from the after sales team.



Did you add comment in your service desk ticket? What’s doman/ alan/ michael’s reply?


Update: I have now received an email requesting my postal details :slight_smile:


I received a replacement cable.
BUT: Flickering and the short black outs are a little bit better, however far from fixed with the new one.

Now Pimax send me a secound replancement cable.
I hope it is rellay the cable not the HMD itself.
They really should have a better quality check for the cables, just testing them 1 time is not enought fickerings now normally starts after 10 minutes warmup.


Michael Wang has answered me.
they send me another cable.


I have no movement 2weeks.
what is troubble?


After being able to create ticket it went smooth. Cable was sent after about a week and it arrived just 2 days after they sent message about shipping it (EU destination), this was really fast.

Most important - the new cable fixed the flicking dots issue, during 2-3 hours in Elite I did not notice any.

Good work Pimax and thank you!


The only answer I received is “don’t worry.we got your reply”.
No status or schedule will be shown.

You should at least indicate the situation or schedule.



After mastering the secret art of creating a functional account, Alan acknowleged my request a few hours after submitting it, even though it was Sunday.
All I had to do was confirm my address.

Well done Pimax support :+1:


It is very quickly and good response.

I got message two weeks later.
After giving the address.

I know Pimax is working hard.
I think only my timing is bad.


I received replacement cable just now!
No noise.
It is very clear screen.
I am very happy*2 !!

But …
I think shipping status is absolutely necessary.


Hello Pimax,
The third replacement cable has solved the problem of flickering pixels.
unfortunately I have a dead pixel outside the sweetspots.
many greetings ralf


Interesting - I will need to Try that.
I got a replacement a while ago but didnt have time lately up to now to do some VR and Gaming and just noticed that now I see some sparks here and there again. :frowning: not very much but like every 5-10s there is one. Did not notice that when the cable came in - but as said only played a few hours after that before work took over.

Seems to be quite picky for influences that cable.

EDIT/UPDATE: After switching the DP Port in a way that the Monitor and the HMD are as far away as they can I don’t see any flickering anymore at all…



What’s going on now? Did you contact michael?


I got from the support center the answer that they are sorry that I have discovered a dead pixel and they hope that I can continue to use the hmd. I told them that I can, but I still expect compensation for the dead pixel. So, how is it going now?
regards ralf


Suspen 2041. No cable or answer . i give up, you have won. thx


Sorry to hear that your case is not getting proper attention. @Dallas.Hao
Got DHL tracking today, 2 weeks later(not expecting anything else), only mystery is why from Dubai?


I have receive my replacement cable tonight. I tested for one hour long and I no longer see flicking white dots.
Take about 3 weeks for me to get replacement cable, with 2 weeks of radio silence. So apparently even during radio silence Pimax did do their work to get me my replacement cable.


Got my replacement cable a few days ago too.

It only took two days from Shanghai to Denmark once it was sent so that’s really nice! :+1:

No flickering anymore. Thanks Pimax… :upside_down_face::+1: