[Pimax Official]Cable replacement request(Flicking white Dots)



Same story, filed for replacement 2 ½ weeks ago and got it yesterday.
All related problems are gone and despite arriving from Dubai no customs had to be paid.
Thank you @MichaelWang @Alan.sun.


My replacement cable arrived. Reduced the number of white dots, but they are still visible within first few minutes. Anybody got any tips?


Hello, request another replacement cable. for me, only the third replacement cable without error has worked …


Hello. I also have fauty cable. i made a request SUPEN-4011 but iam leaving to another country for 5 months at the beginning of May. Can you make it that you send it to me ASAP please? And i would also like longer cable. i can pay for extra 1 or 2 meters if its possible… THank you for your answer and have a nice day…


HI. I have the same problem and i hope thezll send me the new cabel asap, but iam a little worried about being able to change it. is it ok to open the pimax5k+? how long did it take and how risky is all that process please? thnx


You don’t open the headset to change the cable. Just push down a little on the plastic piece that the foam attaches to and You can pull the cable out.


As said you don’t need to open anything. Just remove the face cushion and then remove the plastic part - but you don’t need to remove it completely, just around the cable connector - then you can pull the cable off and insert the new one. Removing the plastic piece was the hardest part as it holds in place strongly and I needed to apply quite a lot of force.

You can do it in few minutes.


yes yes i can see it now. thank you for replying. pimax just asked for my mail adress confirmation so i hope they will send the new cable soon. i also wrote them that iam willing to pay some more money for extra 1 or even better 2 meters cable lenght (my HMD is quite far from my PC). do you think its possible?


I struggled with it too, using a pair of pliers made it easy though. It doesn’t damage the cable, I’ve reseated my old one several times without changes in flickering.


I replaced my cable without removing the plastic piece. I just did like @park shows in the video I posted above.

Just push down gently on the plastic piece where it’s blocking the cable and pull the cable out and do the same when pushing the cable in again.


As @DrWilken said - I also just pushed it down, pulled it out and did the same to get the new cable in. nothing disassembled
Edit: Looks like this


So,is that everyone will get the cable?I had mine today but i didn’t have a SUPEN


Ok I have been using my HMD a bit lately and the damn dots are there again….
I am not sure if this is actually a cable issue or a HMD issue. Have there been any more insides on the reason? It seems it takes a while for them to start appearing, its not very much but a Constantin very light rain of individual Pixels blinking white, like one or two per display every 5 -10 seconds. @Dallas.Hao Any Ideas? I tried getting it on Video but its hard since its just one pixel and the camera noise is “canceling” them out.


Hol dir ein neues Kabel, bei mir hat es erst mit dem dritten Kabel funktioniert…


It certainly sounds like it might be the cable. I was seeing sparkles (bright pixels that appear for 1 frame), dozens per frame (when it was bad) and other times none were obvious. I was also seeing black/white/multi-colored flashes from time to time.

This was all fixed by a new cable (and it’s still fine, after several weeks).


3rd cable. Damn… :astonished:

Luckily, it worked for me on the 2nd cable (so far).


Second cable is working a treat for me too


I was wondering - I got a new DP and HDMI Cable for my Monitors. Compared to the 5k+ Cable they are "thick" - and the HMD also gets its Power over that cable. I am not an expert on cables, but from my PC Stuff and Network Build up - most cables with such high data rate seem to be more "thickly" shielded. The DP and HMD Cables are both at about 8mm in diameter - the 5k+ Cable to the HMD is about 5mm diameter. The DP is in flexible outer fabric covering.

If you consider that the typical cable will be placed static and the HMD is meant to be
“moved”, I am wondering how well it will sustain that. I am just using my HMD for DCS and PC2 currently, but I wonder how well it will last if I start moving around for room scale stuff.

So @Dallas.Hao, sorry for it, but I guess I would need another cable as this one seems to be faulty also. (@Pimax-Support )
And @Dallas.Hao, I am not sure how your return rate on the cable is, but it might be wise to check on a sturdy version of the cable (Fitting to the sturdy 5k version :wink: ). Because I could imagine that putting wear on it in terms of movement will not increase the chance of the shielding doing well over time. ( I will gladly report on that as soon as you got the Base Stations and Controllers on there way :wink: .

Edit: Shot of the Cable diameter (Gray Nylon braid the DP, Thick Black the HDMI and gray the PiMax 5k+)


i have got a weird case of hdmi snow on my pimax.

sometimes when i switch the pimax on there is snow, i switch it off/on a few times and the snow is gone. it can take anywhere between one to seven/eight power cycles to get the hdmi snow to disappear but when its gone, its gone for the night.

this makes me think its not a cable issue but some other timing problem.

i’m on my third hdmi cable. As i can get the snow to disappear its not a big problem, just an inconvenience, when this is added into the usual steamvr dance of things randomly not working its all just a bit of a hassle.

anyone else getting this?


I recently got a replacement (the third cable so far, since my initial HMD was replaced with another unit that still had the flickering dots) cable that appeared to be fine (i.e. no dots) initially, but at some point I noticed snow again (not as much as with the previous cable, but still noticeable). The other day I was in VR and it seemed that there was no flickering again. A bit later, I saw some stars here and there again, but it wasn’t too noticeable.

My take is that it is the cable since the replacement was totally stopping the interference noise at least some of the time whereas the first two cables had snow all the time. The reason you see it only sometimes could be due to multiple reasons, e.g. the cable having uneven shielding which under certain bending conditions doesn’t offer protection, or maybe the neighbors (or others in your household) are starting/stopping the use of RF-generating devices at certain times.