[Pimax Official]Cable replacement request(Flicking white Dots)



In the end, the HMD cables are wearing parts. After estimated 1000h with my Vive the cable was broken.

But it’s not so easy. Because on one hand a cable for this purpose should be as thin and flexible as possible. On the other hand the cable should be rigid and should have the lowest possible influence on the signal quality. They have to find a compromise, which obviously is not yet quite successful.

Also, keep in mind that pimax is actually the HMD with the highest resolution, and as a result, the largest amount of data must be transmitted via the cable. Of course, the matter also depends on other factors, such as the signal quality from the graphics card, or the cable length.


In this context, I allow myself to ask again, whether there will be a “Virtual Link” cable for the pimax.


So that’s really strange for me. After the VR start is nothing. Then, after 10-20min it starts to “snow”. Well, yesterday I took another DP connection. Result: almost no snow. The cable I left at the port, and today came more snow than usual. Cable back to the old port, result: everything perfect, not a single pixel.

Tell me somebody, what happens there. The pimax is a technical phenomenon…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same for me - one cabel has it a lot, the second now and then. It’s strange, but I believe that any kind of EM source kann influence the signal in the cable easilyif it’s strong enough - even the cabel itself, the power cord to the cable and so on.
So extrem care Must Be taken when using it - keep other cables away, lay it out carefully ( loops, stress on the cabel, rolling over it ) and sacrificing some minor fauna mood might also help :wink:


but I have only one cable.

I also tried, while I was wearing the pimax, to bend the cable and bring it near power cords to see if anything changes. But there was nothing. Not a little.


I have also not found the true source, but like you it haben’s sometimes never, the bad cable straight away and the second replacement had it that after a while of playing it started light snow - sometimes… so … it might be something else, but it helped removing other sources and freeing the cabel.


Thank’s for the cable. I’m very happy. Go iRacinnnnnnngggg!!! :slight_smile:


on the 31.8. I opened a support request because of the cable issue. On the same day wythe.huang@pimaxvr.com answered and asked me for a video of the issue. On the very same day I made videos and sent them to him.

What is wrong now? Why does it take so long to get an answer? Ticket No. is (#17935)


@Matthew.Xu, can you please have someone look into this? Thanks!


I have told Wythe that he will deal with the #17935 immediately. Thanks.


This thread makes me sad. I have a replacement cable coming due to power issues. Fingers crossed it fixes it. Good luck OP


My replacement cable has been working great for several months now, so hopefully your problem will be solved soon.


My replacement cable completely stopped working after about 2 month. The OG cable is barely working tons of sparkles and screen blanking out often


That sucks. I assume you’ve asked for another replacement. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait too long for it to arrive.


My replacement cable came today. Swapped and working fine. It was definitely the power brick thingy

Huge thanks to Kim at Pimax USA support


1 week later…still no answer from wythe.huang…

It’s really sad and disappointing!


I have notified Wythe that he will follow up your ticket today.


I don’t know why I never notice this post until now, I’ve flickering white dots issue also but never brother to report it, I thot it was my GPU overclock issue…didn’t know it was a common problem, how do I request in getting one also? how do I proof my flickering issue? I can upload to youtube if needed


You should just need to file a support ticket to get replacement sent.


As Dan said, please create a ticket in the customer service system helpdesk.pimaxvr.com and the team will help you. Thanks