[Pimax Official] Call for 3 volunteers -- 16th Jan. Toronto Meetup



Hi Futurist,

We are going to organize a very special meetup with the help of VRTO in Toronto on 16th Jan. We would like to call for three volunteers to help us deliver a wonderful VR experience to the attendees of the event.

1 Volunteer to help us with demo setting up and onsite demo
1 Volunteer to help us with photo shooting
1 Volunteer to help us with video shooting

Contact me if you would like to help: Dallas.hao@pimaxvr.com

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Not in Toronto but if you ever come to London you can count on me :slight_smile:


So I guess this means no vancouver meetup?


What happened to the UK meetup?


We will arrange more and more meetup for backers and VR enthusiasts,

We got a lot of help from backers and worldwide local organizations.London meetup is on our list


@Dallas.Hao, will you ever guys try to come in Romania aswell? There’s lots of potential here too. If so, ill volunteer to help with anything possible. Thanks.

Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest would be nice tho, especially Cluj-Napoca.


Hi @Dallas.Hao - I sent you an email in regards to volunteering.


Where is the event take place? And what time frame?


I’m interested in going to Toronto too. Not for volunteering but to meet you. Where and when?


Looks like the event is being hosted by the VRTO Meetup group.


Searching for volunteers~~~~~~~


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