[Pimax official] Notice of Mid-Autumn Festival in China



Dear Customers,

Please kindly note that we will have the Mid-Autumn Festival from Sep 13th – Sep 15th. Will back to normal on Sep 16th.

During the Holiday, the office will be closed and I will be limited access to read your email, sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

In case some emergency happens and need to contact us in that period, please contact me via e-mail matthew.xu@pimaxvr.com.

Thank you for your understanding and wish you & your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Best Regards,

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Before you all leave and enjoy your vacation, will there be an “announcement of the announcement” with a time and place to catch your livestream?

Thanks for your work and enjoy your break!


No worries, the US team is in charge of this. Thanks.


No worries but it won’t be on the 16th…? :thinking::grin:


Maybe on the 16th, maybe delayed. I haven’t received any specific notification yet.


So I guess “Pimax Day” is just any day then…? :grin:

Have a nice holiday… :+1::wink:


HMD (delayed but delivered)
Controllers (delayed)
Base stations (delayed)
Direct Shanghai replacement (delayed)
Other things (delayed)

Pimax Day (delayed)

lol :smile:


A better organization would look more professional…


Understandable as the Hurricane Dorian did some heavy Damage on East Coast of North America.


Maybe but that’s not HP, Valve ot even HTC. With the growth of the Internet companies in general look less professional these days with releasing products with issues.

Issues get more spotlight as a result. Just look at Nvidia with the RTX & GTX launch issues. AMD has had issues with a few card launches as well with Vega & 5700 series.


I wasn’t aware when I commented. Maybe a possible delay is fully understandable this time… :wink:


Haven’t been in VR now in over 5 days. Power grid down. :dizzy_face:


ha ha yea so true, business as usual.


Lol, no surprise to me. Not keeping promise is the only one promise to keep. :rofl:
I have to admit, it’s becoming some form of art here. In a most irritating way. Whenever, if ever, the full package will be complete, we can be sure that any form of warranty will be expired. Maybe it’s the strategy. No, it’s outright a scam. Again making is all anticipate for the 16th and then a few days before, this announcement. Unbelievable :fearful: These holidays or festivals had no known date before today??? I just don’t believe all this anymore.


I realize I reached complete nirvana. I am at peace. Come 16th or not, I am happy. Pimax can not hurt me anymore. I am free.


Lol, im almost there, my friend :laughing:
Let me guess, you have sold the damn thing?
I was planning on ritually burning the box with the hammerhead in it, in an effort to set me free :pray:


The engineers should come and work on UK trains and airports, they’ll feel right at home :joy:


No Wide FoV 5k headset has reached or matched 90hz. (Food for thought)


Are you okay Helio with the power outage? I thought you were in Canada.