[Pimax Official]Pimax Aftersales Replacement of Dead Pixels



Dear Futurist,

The discussion in last three days expose big flaw of Pimax After-Sale service, our objective judgement and unclear standard during the procedure, which lead damaging result when backers with dead pixel issue contacted our tech support team.

Here is the official announcement of these issue:

1.If you don’t feel bothered in your daily using about the dead pixel issue, we would like to compensate $100 voucher to you.

2.The replacement standard is determined by the quantity and location of dead pixels. Especially, when the situation happened in sweet spot, we will arrange replacement with no doubts.

3.We do have short-term and long-term aftersales plan in progress.

Pimax can not have such achievement without Kickstarter campaign. From hearing your precious suggestions and advice, the community will grow stronger and better, cheers all.

The link of dead pixel discussion topic:

[Replied]5k+ dead pixel - replacement denied

What happened to former “no black dots” policy, later explained as “no dead pixel” policy?

Do you realize that you just changed that again?


I’ve been offered $100 voucher for a stuck pixel, but how will I actually get the coupon? SUPEN-2679

Also, how long is the warranty on Pimax 5k+? Thanks.