[Pimax Official]The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services



Dear enthusiasts

This is Mozi from Pimax, I am now taking in charge of the after-sale service, a big challenge!but I am full of confidence! Here are some status and our plan to improve the service level, I am looking forward to your continued supports. Thanks!

As more headsets were successfully delivered to our enthusiasts,more and more after-sales problems have been exposed:qualified engineers,unrobust after-sales system, and also the management issues…

The burst of tech support requests is putting huge pressure on our service team and lots of questions created in service desk remain unanswered. We are sorry for the terrible service. Please accept our sincerely apologize for the delayed service.
For solving this issue and improving the disordered situation,we will take the following actions:

1.Short-term actions

A.New tickets will be separated in two categories. Questions listed in the first category can be directly solved by our FAQ and other questions will require relevant colleagues to resolve.
B. Pimax guarantees that each new ticket created in a day can be replied and handled at the same day.
C. Tickets created before 4th March will be reviewed case by case so as to make sure every case will be handled properly.
D.Backers can escalate the issue if they don’t receive any reply within 4 days,(Saturday&Sunday) the manager of PAT(Pimax After-Sale) will find out the root cause to improve the whole system.

2.Long-term Solution

We are looking for qualified staff to join us and a new RMA system is under development which plans to be launched before May 2019

We will be better and we can be better! Thanks all for your patience, please don’t be hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestion or advice.

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Great news and definitely the right step! I’m sure that the measures you’re taking into action will solve the frustration which gained around here. I know it’s not very easy to admit problems, so kudos for being open about that and hopefully all your plans will succeed.


Thanks! Our team will try our best to make these things happen!