[Pimax official] The Pimax 5K BE is being officially renamed to become the Pimax 5K XR



The Pimax 5K BE is being officially renamed to become the Pimax 5K XR that will be included with our other Pimax consumer products the 5K Plus and the 8K.

Dear community,

We have officially renamed the 5K BE as the Pimax 5K XR where “XR” stands for
“eXtended Range”. This refers to the additional depth of colors and blacks possible with an OLED display. Together with the Pimax 8K and 5K Plus, the three products now comprise our consumer like of products that are in production.

Recently as requested by the community, we have manufactured an initial, limited batch of the 5K BE that we made available for backers and enthusiasts for pre-order. We have received many very positive feedback reports from those who have tried out the product and many backers have also switched to the OLED version for enhanced blacks and deeper colors. Our goal is always to provide the best VR experience to the community. To meet the demand for the OLED version from the consumer side we decided to add the OLED version to the consumer line while we will reveal our plan to offer special B2B feature focused editions to be announced next week at GTC 2019. Separating consumer and B2B focused features, devices and the value proposition is our primary goal with this change.

In general, the specification and the price of the 5K XR is the same as the BE version and we will start shipping of 5K XR to Kickstarter backers who have switched their option to the OLED version by late March.

Today we are also launching Pre-Order for the 5K Plus and 5K XR in China on both JD.COM and cn.pimaxvr.com. More Chinese followers of Pimax will also have the chance to enjoy immersive VR worlds made possible by our latest headsets with a wide field of view and high resolution. They can pre-order now and we will begin shipping headsets to them starting on Mar. 27th after we complete *All remaining shipments of our 8K Series headsets to our overseas Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers.

You sent me a 5K+ instead or the XR(BE) I switched to
Pimax 5k xr (be) backers
5k BE/5k XR $100 difference

This is odd, since XR is a common abbreviation of eXtended Reality techs: VR, AR, MR.
Some might think that the P5 XR offers an augmented reality experience, as example.

In addition to this, a cross-platform OpenXR standard is being developed for 2+ years and will be released soon.



The name seems to be well defined. but how about xF? , xF is eXtended Future.
sorry sorry…:sweat_smile:


They could call the headset P5 LED, this would not bring any confusion and would give a quite precise definition of the headset difference.


Oh, what about P5 FS (Fast Shipping) :smiley:


Yeah I must agree that XR is a very misleading name for this headset. Nobody thinks about “extended range” when you hear XR. It’s Extended Reality. P5K+ OLED would definitely be better even Pimax OLED, dropping the 5K+ bit… anything else would work…


What about “eXDream” , eXtended Dream


You mean P5 OLED maybe… :slight_smile:


Great acronym for aeroplanes, drones, wifi routers, etc. :+1:
I only can come up with such crazy things like elite dangerous edition or true color.


I need to know how will be treated preorders of 5k BE (XR now) which was order earlier, and was promised to be shipped BEFORE 27 february. if the orders will be delivered With backers? Need straight answear here @anon84525399


Will Chine store has multiple face sponge to buy? I hear a lot of complaint about fitting, and many of them add another cover themselves. The wearing strip is not that suitable as well. Is there any news about hard wearing strip (like psvr, I really like it.)?

Great thanks.


Why do you always promises delivery dates that as well as can not hold. I bought on the 26th of October and still do not know when I will be served and no one answers me, either by email or in the forum (p1238) ???


I’m surprised there wasn’t a poll conducted.


I am an early Kickstarter 8K Backer (#1970) and switched to the 5K BE as soon as it was made available. In mid February I received an E-Mail that the Headset is about to be shipped and that I will get my tracking number soon. After that I received no further information and my Backer number is now gone from the spreadsheet. As the e-mail support stopped responding to me, could you help me @anon84525399


… and I ordered a 5k + on October 26th and then changed to a 5k Be Oled (P1238). If you can not deliver, you will at least have to pay our money back, but how is that going to work if your customers are not responding, but still accept orders without limits? I just do not believe it!


I also cannot stress enough, that XR is already universally defined as extended reality / mixed reality, INCLUDING AUGMENTED REALITY.
Please take this into account. You would risk adding TWO descriptions in your name, that are misleading.
The 5K XR then would be neither 5K nor XR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Blogger shitstorm hitting the fan in



(told you so)


It’s Windows MR all over again. XD


Might just be simpler to follow Microsoft & Vive & simply call it:

5k Pro
5k LE (Luxury Edition)
5k Enterprise
5k PE(Pentile Edition) :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


Since the OLED version is a tradeoff of more SDE for better colors/blacks with a little bit of ghosting thrown in the mix, I’d call it it the 5K plus minus ± in accordance with current naming schemes.