Pimax on Ebay 15 char



I have noticed people describing items as Pimax 5K+ ver 2 on ebay.
What does version 2 mean, is that the latest version or are they disingenuously referring to the M2 pre consumer version?


There is no ver 2. Most are confusing the P2 as version 2. All Pimax 5k & 8k are P2.

P1 Headsets were pre Kickstarter Hmds like Pimax 4k/B1/Pro headsets.


Thanks, so basically it is just the latest consumer version?
Just thought it odd (in a suspicious way) they would specify as ver 2.


Wouldn’t know you’d need to check serial number to see when it was made. KS & Pre Order are supposed to be the same.


I just bit the bullet and ordered new from Pimax, seems there are enough potential pitfalls buying new never mind used :stuck_out_tongue:
I was just waiting on news on the Valve Index but it doesn’t seem like it has any great advantage over the Pimax other than refresh rate that you will never be able to use anyway.