Pimax, Please Give Ralf at vorpx.com a dev kit


We need native support for REAL 180fps.


I second this.

Oculus and Vive missed a HUGE opportunity by ignoring this software. The ability to leverage the existing library of 3d games could accelerate VR adoption by years.

So Pimax, reach out to these guys. Imagine all the free publicity when people see a AAA game (GTAV for example) running on a Pimax8k headset.

*and what Ralf /somebody at Vorpx really needs to do - Get the new nvidia vr sli drivers working with VorpX. Two video cards are really needed to run most of these games in stereo.


@bacon Please consider this feature about VORPX that can switch non-vr games to vr games, thanks.


Vorpx is a utility that makes traditional games playable in vr and presented in either true 3d or other 3d methods. It offers headtracking, or a floating screen with your game viewable in 3d. It is currently widely used on the vive and rift.


Yep, the You Tube traffic alone would sell a bunch of units.


Exactly. One youtube video showing GTAV or Skyrim running on a Pimax8k (No SDE, 200FOV, ideally 60fps with SLI support) would do more for VR adoption than any AAA VR specific title ever could.


I think you guys might be onto something there…


We already notice a lot of voice the call for ‘VorpX’ and we will be testing it in the near future. after end of the test, we will provide result with you. Thank you


It’s important that pimax makes native vorpx support, as vorpx is already fairly harsh on performance. And also accept a native 180fps flat game framerate inside vorpx. I’ve contacted Ralf and h3s aware of you guys (pimax) but says he needs a pimax 8k to make it work.


It would be really good for all VORPX and Pimax users, I been using this software since I bought my Pimax 4K and it is the best solutions for playing non VR games. Hope Pimax Team ( @matthew.xu ) support it with the new Pimax 8K.


Hi guys , any news about using vorpx with the 8k? I hope they will be compatible



I really hope they are working together


Me too! I hope they are !


Yes, send Ralf at vorpx a headset from your first batch, please. Everyone will benefit from that - especially you, Pimax.


Thanks guys, actually the team has been trying to contact the subject company. We will let you know once it’s updated. @bacon


Hi all, I ever tried many times to contact with Ralf, including email and message to him on the VorpX forum, even by our bakers, he also helped me try to contact with him, but no any response. We are open to him, but who can help set up the connections?


Can pimax team maybe come up with their own solution similar to vorpx or another similar application?


I just wrote them so we’ll see if I manage to get some response.


I don’t think it’s necessary to go that far. They’re a hardware company not a software company, they should definitely focus on their tech.
The 8k isn’t even finalized yet, there’s plenty of time to make contact with vorpx, even if it happens after the first backer deliveries.


U are right.

For curiosity, does the 4k work with vorpx?