Pimax, Please Give Ralf at vorpx.com a dev kit


This may be an unpopular opinion but,

Future of vorpx is questionable at this time. “Old” Games you want to play in vr are coming out with a proper vr do over. Skyrim months away, fallout 4 in a month. Doom vfr etc. those all will have native support and optimized for the hardware. vorpx will be an inferior option.

I’m just saying investing development to support an end of line software, I personally would prefer pimax focus on getting hardware right and use it for what it’s purpose is. Cutting edge hardware on latest softwares


Weren’t Skyrim and Fallout 4 vr very different from their originals and not very good?



There were some problems before release, but Skyrim was very good on release and FO4 is not even out yet.


I think the users are simply asking for Pimax to send them a free headset so he can tweak his software to support it. But then again the software is for sale $$ so not sure why this is something that Pimax should do for free, the onus is on VorpX to support their customers? If they say “We don’t have a Pimax ordered so we can’t support it” then that would be a rather lame excuse. Just my opinion.


VorpX developer is very slow to add support for headsets. He took a long time (nearly a year) to add Vive support. He is very hard to get any kind of response from. It seems to me like he treats this piece of software like a hobby and not as a serious solution. Once I tried to contact him, it took nearly a month of emails only to find he was on “Holiday”. Don’t count on getting Pimax support until it is obsolete.


That’s unfortunate. It sounds like everyone would be better off getting support from a different solution.


Tons of games like New Vegas and a lot of newer games are never going to get official updates for VR. Largely due to public expectations of motion controller support, which is way more work than simply patching in VR. So VorpX has a long future ahead of it, because it will continue to be the only way to play many actual good games in VR, both newer and older. As PC hardware and GPUs improve, the quality of performance of older games in VorpX is only going to get better and better.

Also there are a ton of newer VR users who are going to begin run out of the actual quality VR native games and grow tired of the shallow mobile quality shovelware that mostly makes up VR, and they will want to play proper games, VorpX is often the only way to do this.


Sounds like the guy has no interest in Pimax. I think the team should focus on finishing the headset and controllers instead of trying to be the ones to initiate contact with any and every dev in the VR community…


It sounds like ralf is concerned about having his code stolen from one post. He goes seriously out of his way to prevent piracy of his product, which is fine. But I mean, pimax has already established themselves as reputable, why be so over guarded?


he’s a real paranoid guy. If he is so worried about it, maybe he should make something worthy of stealing.:unamused: It’s very hard to use. and he does not support it well at all.


Not if the dev acts this way…


[quote=“Grebo, post:27, topic:3465, full:true”]
Tons of games like New Vegas and a lot of newer games are never going to get official updates for VR[/quote]
Interesting example…


Especially since Skyrim VR, which just came out on Playstation VR, is selling like gangbusters, even at $60, even though it isn’t the remastered edition.


Any notion of sales figures yet?


Skyrim VR just came out November 17, same week as Skyrim for Nintendo Switch, and in the UK VR outsold the Nintendo Switch port (which is mostly the Special Edition). It came out only one day before weekly sales numbers, but debuted at #19 among physical games for all consoles (not counting the PSVR Skyrim bundle or digital sales). It is being hailed as “the most successful 3rd party week 1 launch on PSVR”.

Also, the same week brought back “Playstation VR Worlds” minigame collection to the top 30 (at #20) after months of being gone, which means people are buying more PSVR’s, which some are attributing to the Skyrim PSVR bundle (though to be fair, there was also a “Gran Turismo Sport” PSVR bundle that launched the same week, and both bundles have Black Friday deals).

I’ve been following it, because I’m one of those people who bought a PSVR specifically for Skyrim :slight_smile:


I am looking to play as many old (non vr games) as possible in vr.

It seems to me that vorpx is 1 of the very few solution for it.

For whatever reason it seems that there is some stupid hostility against who created vorpx.

Why don’t ppl make their own alternative to vorpx instead of complaining about vorpx?

I do not get it.

If you give me valid alternatives to play all old non vr games in a vr headset other than using vorpx, I have no problem in buying it.

The question is where are these alternatives?

Ppl are so easy to complain but no good at finding actual solutions to their complains.

In the end , they screw ppl like me that want simply play these games and would buy a vorpx or a whatever from whoever , to just play these old games.

As for games developers adapting their old n on vr games to vr headsets , it is not factual that all the non vr games would be updated to vr games. It is not going to happen. Hence , find me a solution as vorpx , that by the way, is not 3ven perfect because it lacks on body tracking.

So yeah. For whoever complain about vorpx and feel smart, please develop an alternative that also can give somehow body tracking and not just head tracking.


Because most people aren’t good enough at programing to do that, but that doesn’t mean they can’t see problems with the current solutions.


Do you own it? If not get it and you will see why.


Vorpx is pricey and isn’t all that good in many games. This is not to blame Vorpx for trying, it’s just people need to take a close look at it and what they want it for before laying out the cash. The overhead is too high for many lower end gpus. It isn’t a perfect fix. It wasn’t until I got a GTX 1080ti that I started using it again and then only for Skyrim. Adding a bunch of graphics mods to Skyrim and playing it in VR justified the price for me and it’s the only game I use it for. Way better than what they did to it to get it (Skyrim)to run on PSVR- fugly


I was planning to get it exactly for that, Skyrim with mods on my 1080Ti.
Do you feel like its worth it ?


With the a lot of the Nexus mods including the 2K textures and running Oculus Tray Tool at 2.0 pixel density, then it is worth it for me. The only negative is the hands are a little big but you get over that. Another thing that makes it worth it is, Vorpx’s DirectVR mode allows me to use the Touch controllers.