Pimax, Please Give Ralf at vorpx.com a dev kit


I am Epsilon Rose and that’s as good a name as Mark Twain. As for what you said, no you did tell people to stop criticizing the product and make or find an alternative. That’s not asking for constructive criticism or pointing out that people are disparaging the product due to unrelated problems with the creator (problems with the creator that effect the product are still highly relevant). You only used those defenses later.

In fact, I think you’re the only person here who’s even mentioned personal issues with the creator of vorpx.


I told you what I though was stupid in post #46


Not to hijack the topic at hand any further- sorry folk.

It might not even be feasible to run an injector such as Vorpx given the Pimax 8k is likely to be asking a lot from our systems without putting on additional overhead. I guess we will find out.


Mr who, If u actually read the whole thread u see ppl just going off the vorpx creator and that was not me. And that is what I said at first, and not latee. Useless to go after the creator just because not liking the creator. There is whole thread with multiple replies ,not just 1 reply and I have been clear enough. It is just u and your pal manipulating what I said . Ppl read it all and get what told and not just what is convenient for you to bs things around as u wish


Post 46 goes with the other posts I made before 46 in which I myself said what vorpx is lacking . So your b.s. manipulation does not work


Are u guys claiming that playing a non vr game in virtual desktop in vr headset is a better vr experience than actually playing it using vorpx or vireio?

I am wondering if what said here, is said because there is no way the 8k would work with vorpx or vireio

We will see.

I guess maybe ppl will be buying the vive or the oculus to play those old non vr games using vorpx or vireio.

Personally, too bad, because I already have both vive and oculus and I was hoping to use the pimax 8k to experience the bigger fov also for those old non vr games.


You should go over to the vorpx forums and ask Ralf to get in contact with Pimax because Pimax has already done their part. Not much else is to be said on this.


Since you asked what stupid remark. I actually said “plain stupid”. It was referred to in my very first response to you (#2) but then you knew that. Didn’t you read my post? You responded to it.

Here it is again:
(2 That you would suggest that people who PAID good money for a program should not complain about it’s shortcomings, but just write their own program if their not happy, is just plain stupid. Go over to YouTube and start telling all those product reviewers to start making their own shit and stop complaining and see how far you get. If you’re happy, that is wonderful for you. If you’re not happy-where I live you have a right to say why.

Oh and as far as people being a " help to anyone", if you consider people reporting the negatives they find in a product, not to be helpful yourself that’s great, but don’t presume to speak for everyone else.)

It is in the first sentence. I actually said “simply stupid” The whole point was quite clear and your dancing away from it was just as clear. You talk to people like your’s is the only way it’s acceptable you will usually get told. Have you been told yet today?
OH and the show your real name and face shit. WTF .Are you trying to intimidate now or just putting up another stupid suggestion?


I totally agree with you.

I didn’t write in that thread before but i read it every day and now I can’t hold back (sorry, i have emotions, too):

The title:
“PIMAX, Please Give Ralf at VORPX.Com a developer kit”
reads for me like that:
“PIMAX, please throw at the developer of another product, which he sells for his own benefit, something for free, so he can sell his overpriced product to me. Also I write PIMAX and VORPX in caps because I am immature and i want this shit so badly.”

EDIT: typos…


Are u still going over with your b.s. talk?

As I sad , I have been clear about what I meant and it can be followed by reading all the posts I made from top to bottom of this thread . But of course u want to keep b.s. around the same middle post without the rest.

Frankly,I have no time to waste with your b.s. talk .
Unfortunately there is no buttom to block bullshitters on a forum .

I am going to stop responding to a no one .


If your guys come up with a solution other than vorpx or whatever is on the market right now, that would work with the 8k when we receive It, you maybe will let people know , unless u have interest in that the 8k (when released for consuners) lose in the future buyers over the oculus and the vive … those buyers that would like to play old non vr games on a The 8k vr headset and they will not be able to.

Obviously it should be also interest of pimax to come up with a solution partnership with others , unless they do not care to lose those part of buyers


Just as well your legs must be tired.


if the vorpx creator doesnt want to support pimax nothing we can do, it’s his software. And very few ppl use it. The amount of ppl praising it is no where near the amount seeing it as the most regrettable vr software purchase.

No offense. But I think it’s unreasonable to expect support for things that’s never intended at first place. I mean you can try play non vr games in vr style but if it doesn’t work it’s not meant to work, unless vorpx creator make it work. This got nothing to do with pimax. O


I would think if Ralf sees Pimax 8k as worth being compatible with, he will get one and write it off as a business expense. Does his software warrant sending him a DK? That’s Pimax’s call, but I don’t see Vorpx having enough importance to be something to be concerned with right now.


Vorpx is better than virtual desktop. I personally wish bigscreen beta would become compatible with vorpx



Let’s see if stating a fact (Like you just did) , have as a result fonts just coming up with stories trying to demise the inconvenient truth of the fact


Once again proved point .

They continue to talk shit about vorpx and it’s creator , without offering any quality alternative to vorpx for who wants to play non vr games in vr headsets . It seems that actually they would cheer if there is no solution to play non vr games in the 8k…go figure!


How many times do you need to be told Ralf isn’t interested in Pimax? This is not the vorpx forums, why aren’t you over there trying to convince him? Pimax has already reached out to him and got no response. Try going over to the vorpx forums and talk with him there. None of us have anyway of making the decision here on the pimax forums…


You want a quality alternative to Vorpx? Make it yourself.

Sound familiar?


We will see if pimax will be fine losing part of buyers because the 8k and the 8k x would not allow playing any non vr games as instead oculus and vive allow , by using vorpx or similar software.

I have no clue why some bullshitters actually spend their time wishing there is no solution to play non vr games on the 8k when 8k backers wish the possibility to use the 8k with vorpx or any program that would allow play non vr games with high FOV.

It makes you wonder once again why they actually fight for the 8k to be limited in that sense conpared to the vive and the oculus.

1 big thing that vr lack , Is the amount of good GAMES that are playable compared to the amount of good games that are playable without a vr headset .

Interesting to know that there are such fucker fonts on this forum that can crucify who wish to play on the 8k non vr games , as it is possible to do with the vive and the oculus