Pimax, Please Give Ralf at vorpx.com a dev kit


Fallout 4 vr releases tomorrow


I don’t know how many more times you need to be told Pimax already contacted Vorpx and they never responded. I dont know of your purposefully ignoring me or you dont speak English bit its not Pimaxs responsibility.


Nobody is arguing that vorpx shouldnt exist. If you want to use it thats great congratulations. But threatening the devs saying they are going to lose customers because they refuse to support vorpx when they already tried contacting him is beyond unreasonable.


@zuiquan1 , do u work for pimax?

Because u act like you are talking in their behalf.

If you do not work for pimax, what you claim , mean nothing, since you do not get direct feedback from pimax everyday .

I am asking to pimax to find a way through vorpx or any possible software developer that could partner with pimax, to set the bar higher.

I wish pimax could partenrship with someone that have a solution for allowing all non vr games to be played on the 8k.

What is your problem?

Why don’t you move on?

If you work for pimax, u guys first welcome feedback and suggestion and then you want to bullshit talk against who wish something and give suggestions and express a wish.
So if you work for pimax, get your shit together about what u want and stop pretending that you care to hear from us about our wishes, suggestions , thoughts .

Who are you, a backer or someone that work for pimax ?


Great that fallout 4 will get vr support.

Unfortunately of a huge list of non vr games that are available on the pc , an infinite fraction has been redeveloped or patched for vr support


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So when zioqian1 says [quote=“zuiquan1, post:82, topic:3465”]
Pimax already contacted Vorpx and they never responded.

He is helpfully reminding you of these facts.
If there is no news from Pimax, assume it’s because there is nothing new to report.

Nobody here is against VorpX or playing non-VR games on a HMD, but a dead-end is a dead-end.
Please stop acting so aggressively.


Pimax team replied once and they never gave follow up updates regarding vorpx. It does not mean that there might not be future connections with vorpx or updates regarding vorpx or similar programs

You guys want to make it “a dead end” by not caring about it / replying in" behalf of pimax" with your negative outcome acting like your outcome is set in stone.

I care about it and I will keep asking about it because I wish a solution for it through vorpx or through anyone that could and would like to partner with pimax and make happen a program similar and/or vetter than vorpx.

How many times we have to go back and forth about this?

Sincerely I do not understand what is all your problem about my wish to keep asking about this?

Please stop acting so annoying , telling me what I should not wish regarding pimax 8k and what I should not ask to pimax , because it does not suit you.

This is a thread about vorpx regarding a request and a wish related to vorpx.

I will continue to bring up the topic and keep asking about it, until pimax team will maybe end up closing the thread sanctioning for a fact that we will not be able to play non vr games on the pimax 8 k


I agree there might be future updates about pimax cooperation with vorpx, I hope there will be.
And Pimax will let us know if it happens.
Until then, constantly asking about it is like having a child in the car constantly asking “are we there yet?”
Look at this thread: Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K
and this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pimax8kvr/pimax-the-worlds-first-8k-vr-headset/posts/2023865
As you can see, VorpX is/was a big target that Pimax wants to work with, a lot of backers asked for it and the staff are officially aware of the demand.
If it’s possible, it will happen, if it is not possible, no amount of begging will help. At least not on the Pimax end. Ralf is the real blocker here, beg him.

Look man, I’m not going to stop you from posting your request over and over again. I just think you are wasting your time, and mine. Because every time I see this thread bumped I open it hoping for a post from Pimax staff, but it’s just you asking the same thing again (sometimes aggressively).

And again, the 8k is still in development. What you seem to be asking for is that VorpX works on the 8k at launch. That may be possible if Ralf cooperates. But right now he isn’t.
VorpX support is really dependent on the VorpX software side. VorpX can add support later, but that’s up to them not Pimax. Don’t think that there is a time limit on getting your wish fulfilled.
I suggest patience.


Hi guys, thanks for your active discussion. This subject is already archived to our internal system, the team will not ignore it in the future, please be assured.



Great, thanks for the reply!

I hope you guys can look for software partners other than vorpx to come up with a best and better solution that maybe allow to play many non vr games in the pimax 8k headset . There is a lot of limitation at the moment with this option and I think it would be cool if pimax and a software developer partner of your choice , come up with a cool new solution for it.

Thanks !


Bump any word on Ralf rresponding?


:point_up_2:I think a official compatibility to VORPX would push up the sales


good luck trying to get him to respond. he’s likely one of the worst customer oriented developers on earth.


He responded to me once. He said it’s possible that it would work. He did say that he would need a development kit to make it truly compatible though.