Pimax please hurry the lighthouse trackers


Given the delays in shipping of the hmd and the growing disappointment of such, I would like to ask that Pimax work hard to have the lighthouse sensors ready literally as soon as possible, and hopefully ship them with the hmd.

Our 8Ks are going to be so much more usable for everyone with the tracking and make backers across the board happier with what arrives. I know some people already have v1 tracking and didn’t order lighthouses but I imagine the number who did order the v2 from Pimax is very large indeed.

And given these were meant to be low risk to be ready a long time ago, surely they can be made ready in a few months if made a priority.

Then of course it becomes even more usable with the controllers…

Given where we are at is waiting on new lenses, waiting on assembly, waiting on delivery to testers, waiting on testers feedback, and generally waiting…I guess I’m seeking reassurance the next most important items are being made ready asap. @xunshu


i think it would be great if they did… however vive trackers will work and you can pick them up cheap on ebay if you dont mind using version 1 trackers (and if you have a normal playspace. no reason why not use v1 )

i am not trying to devalue your view, I agree with you. But if they do not succeed we have some cheap options out there.


Indeed the main advantages of v2 are not having to see one another & larger play area. Otherwise cheaper to make & more reliable die to needing less parts.


What do you consider “cheap on eBay”.

I’m looking on eBay and the cheapest I see is $120.
That’s not too cheap to me when I can buy a WMR headset for $80 more than a single Vive Base Station


there are some for 80 right now. ebay is not a retailer and the auctions vary weekly. I have seen them go for 50. You can check craigslist too. I think they might spike for a few more weeks while demand is high (Vive pro users) … Edit : you may also browse various VR facebook groups that sell trade gear.