Pimax please improve support handling and process ticket SUPEN-313



Short summary of progress with ticket SUPEN-313 that was submitted in November 2018:

Nov 8th 2018
Submitted Ticket SUPEN-313 (defective audio and microphone)

Nov 30th
Teamviewer session without success. Delivery of 8K replacement announced.

Dec 17th
Announcement that replacement is on the way to UK warehouse and final tracking number will be sent after arriving.

Jan 22nd 2019
Status of SUPEN-313 was changed to RESOLVED, regardless unanswered questions about the delay: «Hi, long time no reply. if you still have some problem, please create new one or mail to us. thank you have a good day»

Jan 22nd
Instant answer from Pimax to question about incorrect ticket closing: «Your replacement case has been recorded before, and please don’t worry about it. Once we ship it out, we will inform of you by email.»

Feb 26th
First reply from Pimax about delay after shipping confirmed in Dec 2018: «The 8K still in producing period, we will arranging your replacement when the 8K start to arranging the shipment.»

March 14th
Finall over 4 months since submitting the ticket the replacement arrived. Unfortunately the wrong version. 5K instead of 8K.

March 29th
Delivery of 8K replacement arrived. Unfortunately it was defective. (no restart after firmware flash process completed, regardless whether Pitool or Sjef’s flash tool)

April 2nd
Teamviewer session without success. Delivery of another (third) replacement announced.

April 3rd
Returned both replacement headsets to UK. Package arrived April 16th according to tracking number. Costs of $108 for receiving and returning the replacements, were promised to be covered by Pimax.

April 5th
Announcement that 8K replacement will be shipped after Qingming Festival.

April 10th
Announcement that 8K replacement will be sent the following week.

Since April 10th and after the returned headsets arrived in UK any questions regarding the current delay via email or private messages in forum remain unanswered.

With all sympathy for Pimax and understanding for delays and inconsistent communication: If the handling of a support ticket has to extend over several months, it would be highly desirable if the communication does not come to a complete standstill.

Thanks in advance for any information regarding the shipping of the 8K replacement and for a speditive handling of this historical support case.

Backer 41

@Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao @xunshu


what is your order number?
have you received any headset ? or you have returned one to UK warehouse?
the returning cost be coverd?
have pimax sent you the replacement?



Order number: Backer 41
Received in October 2018: Defective 8K (not yet returned since usable to limit extent until replacement)
Received replacements in March 2019: 5K and defective 8K (Returned to UK, arrived April 16th)
Returning cost be covered: Invoices was sent to Pimax (refund still pending)

Have pimax sent you the replacement:
Yes after four months but the wrong version and another defective 8K. They both were returned to UK.
So I’m still waiting for 8K replacement, which was announced to be shipped on April 2nd.


yes there is indeed some delay recently,
will check and back to you soon.


Thanks Derek! I’m looking forward to an upcoming solution.


@Dallas.Hao Please let me know if shipping of 8K replacement happened on May 5th as announced.


@Dallas.Hao @DerekVVV Please reply.


@Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @DerekVVV @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA

Please compare the following facts:

  • 6 month old ticket still pending (8K replacement and reimbursement for returns)
  • Announced shipping date passed again without any comment (as so often, last time before 1 month)
  • Simple questions are consistently ignored and remain unanswered in forum or email

Excerpts from today’s Newsletter:

  • But the situation has been gradually improved now with the maturing serivce team and stablized customer service system. Therefore, we can provide timely and efficiently services to users from all over the world.

  • Service Desk: We have customer service team and tech support team, who will reply inquiries timely and efficiently. All tickets will be replied in 24 business hours, and backers can contact us via service desk if you have any questions.

  • Pimax forum: We are willing to inviting all futurist to join our forum, as we need to hear your suggestions and ideas. Pimax staff are visiting forum and contact with backers everyday.

Impressive how strongly this deviates from reality.

Maybe such wording can convince new customers. As early Backer with a 6-month-old ticket that is not processed, whose friendly and patient demands are passed consistently and announced shipping data missed several times without comment, the wording of the newsletter is simply an incorrect presentation.


No communication here also in about a month (maybe because I asked for a refund?)


@Bright Completely agree. Still waiting on my ticket too SUPEN-4653


hi, maybe don’t have to.



hi, this is your latest ticket I find.
and my colleague contacted you in December 2018 and January 2019, but no reply from you .
I think that’s why you are not well-serviced so far.
I have reviewed this post and first, want to sincerely apologize for the poor contact and wrong delivery.
now I will help you solve this problem efficiently — if the following logistics is ok I mean,

would you please send me the returning tracking number, once confirmed the receiving , I will do the 2nd delivery. If you have any extra cost like returning fee, we can cover it for you.

If you can send me the above info by opening a new ticket , I would appreciate.

Kind regards


Hi Derek, thanks for your assistance.

First please let me correct something:

I don’t know where you get this information but this is clearly incorrect!
I always responded to every contacting from Pimax related to SUPEN-313.

Regarding your questions first please note the last infos from @Dallas.Hao on April 29 and 30, 2019.

Besides the fact that a new shipping date has passed without a comment, please note that the requested information has already been sent per email:

  • The tracking numbers of the two headsets has been sent to @Sean.Huang on April 3rd.
  • The two headsets were delivered in UK according to tracking number on April 16th.
  • Invoices from extra costs of $108 for two returns sent to @Sean.Huang on April 26th.

It seems really useless to open a new support ticket because I already had one. Created on November 8, 2018 and arbitrarily closed on January 22, 2019. All required information has already been sent by email to @Sean.Huang. If you need a copy of the documents, please send me your email via PM.

I’ve sent you the tracking number via PM, you can check that they already arrived on April 16th.

Best regards


Not sure how to understand your answer. Do you have access to my Supen? I also asked about a way to fix an issue regarding power cable but no response. So what should I do then? just wait?



I believe Sean has emailed you today.


give me your SUP number,



Email received. Announcement that 8K replacement has been arranged.
Requested information regarding reimbursement sent again.


please open a ticket to inform me of the coupon code which will be sent to you after you receive the headset.


Ok I will open a ticket after receiving. Please inform me if the 8K replacement has been sent.

I’ve received the announcement that the replacement has been “arranged” but no tracking number yet.


SUPEN-3761 for me. thnak you in advance for your help on this!