Pimax please improve support handling and process ticket SUPEN-313



have replied.

good day.


@DerekVVV Please let me know if the 8K replacement has been shipped.
Announcements that it has been “arranged” were also sent on April 2nd and May 5th.

I alredy asked Sean about the shipping date before two days but didn’t received an answer.


Hi Derek- I am also still waiting for a refund. Order 6525. The refund was processed to the wrong credit card.



sorry but can you give me any previous communication to remind me ?

is 6525 a kickstarter or preorder, why is the refund,

is it me who contact you ?:worried:



the order will be shipped out in 2 days, according to my logistic colleague .


Yes it was you. I just relied to your email so you should have it. 6525 is the Kickstarter number.

The Order number for my $100 is P123347. Please look up that number for the refund.


Hi Derek

Thank you for the information.
Hope this time it works as planned.

Edit: Tracking number received. :+1:



now I notice why the refund,
the refund is $100 right ?
and I have got the tracking number, will PM you.


the refund would be after you receiving the headset,