Pimax, Please Improve Your Confusing Color Options



PiTool 1.180 beta
Pimax, please make software settings more practical, understandable and user friendly in future pitool releases, i don’t mind tinkering, but not when the settings or options don’t make sense.

color, brightness and contrast are 3 completely different settings and should be treated as such, i don’t want to mess with my brightness and contrast settings to change color pallets and saturation etc, this new color setting ( if you want to call it that ) makes no sense to me … so i guess im not messing with it until it hopefully becomes more practical and has its own sliders to dial in color and saturation properly. :unamused: i hope to see this happen in future pitool releases.


I agree the whole layout and sliders could be re-arranged to make it more simple to understand. I have given the devs some suggestions for improvement.

I also think there is a slight confusion involved here. The color option is actually not a typical “color saturation” setting. The selectable colors are only there to chose which “color channel” (R,G or B) to affect. Either one of these or all 3 simultanously, to adjust the contrast correction/adjustment (which is basically a gamma correction) for each color channel. I hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


Makes no sense at all, hence my post.

I realize this is a tinker-friendly and configuration-heavy HMD, nonetheless, options should still be made clear and easy to understand, currently the color options are not, but i guess it’s not my worry anymore, I’ve moved on from the Pimax for now. :unamused:


As Pimax know their screens it would be nice if they come with a small list of games where they suggest certain settings when they release the final,


Great suggestion. :+1:


Its a good idea, and I can of course assist Pimax with that. But from experience I can tell that we are all very different. Especially regarding perceived color reproduction and “optimal” settings for color gamma, saturation and color balance. A preset I love is something you might hate and vice versa. We all see colors differently.

I can relate to the old DVD/Bluray days when I used to dedicate my life to setting up my home cinema room with projector screen. I spent months on calibration, corrections etc. I never got satisfied, and meanwhile my friends and my girlfriend could hardly see any difference between my profiles. Nobody saw what I saw.

I even hired a guy that came over and did a proper ISF calibration of my projector. I paid something around 400 Euro for an hour or two. The funny thing is that I simply hated that profile he saved for me. It looked totally off color wise. He said it was the optimal calibration he could create, using his ridiculously expensive equipment. The same day, I switched back to my old profiles, because I couldnt stand the muted “film-like” colors that just didnt feel natural at all while watching movies.

So if I create a vivid and lovely looking profile for you in Skyrim on Pimax, there is a big chance you wont like it anyway :slight_smile:


I get where you going, but I don’t see that as a con for presets. Beeing a professional musican on stage and studios I deal a lot with presets.
But not like that I use them often, BUT they give a great an fast idea how certain settings work and play together. Much faster to grasp how something works if you have presets to look at instead of starting from scratch.