Pimax please let MRTV show the unboxing


Hay Pimax please let MRTV show the unboxing :slight_smile:


@xunshu LET HIM PLEASE show us… :frowning: we want to see some reviews so bad, we’re sick of so much teasing…


+1 please do @xunshu


ask him live now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uMuAJl6zUQ

EDIT livestream is over


@xunshu, lift the damn NDA already…please…


I believe the unboxing atm is to wait until the other testers receive their units to be fair. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


So we know the m1 shipped without lighthouses. We don’t know yet if it even works with lighthouses.


daaamn, why it takes so long… stupid time, it should pass faster…


He just confirmed that he’s going to test with both v1 and v2 basestations


Yeah be nice if we could use a sci fi hibernation unit. :flushed::joy:

The ball is rolling, its apt to pick up speed from here.


Agreed, the first tester received his HMD, this is a good day!


@xunshu, please lift up the damn NDA, now!!!


As he says in the video, the idea is that they test the unit to see if it’s good enough for release. They obviously don’t want reviewers to send out bad reviews when this is not even the final version, that would be really dumb and bad marketing. So the testers test it, they’ll let Pimax know, if everything is great they’ll lift the NDA. If not, then they’ll make version M2 and the NDA won’t be lifted. It makes a lot of sense.


how about NO. How about we escape from the damn teasing?


Again, this is not teasing. They honestly want to know what their clients think of the product and if it needs any changes. I think that’s just awesome. It’s also great that they inform us this way about what’s going on.

To release reviews on a version that’s not even the final version, that’s a horrible way of doing business, since these video’s would always be on the internet and could do damage


Excellent point, I’ve come across bad reviews on products in the past that almost steered me the wrong way, until realizing that they were pre-release items… This can be very damaging to a product/brand or company itself.
Pimax is wise to go this route! Everyone just needs to be patient. We’re seeing great promising progress in the last few days. We’ll get there - exciting times!


Indeed folks wanted to see what the m1 looks like & now its been delivered.


Yet there are already so many previews/reviews/impressions on the net about the Pimax 8K which have already done enough damage (especially articles still droning on about the “8k” in the name. Only the enthusiasts like us know that the current version is a more up to date version. What would have been better is Pimax 8K was a WIP name (like Sony’s Morpheus) and the version now had a new name to make the distinction. Oh well. Fingers crossed all the reports back from the testers are gushing.


Hi guys, this is not about lifting the NDA. It is fine that the NDA is in place. This is about asking if I can show the unboxing, which in no way would break the NDA, since I am simply opening the (beautiful) package and take stuff out and show it. I do not review the device.

I will show the video to @xunshu and she will decide.


+1 vote for unboxing show