Pimax please let MRTV show the unboxing



Could it be triggered by Pimax?


I understand that the purpose of NDA is to avoid of argument or negative feedback. So unboxing will not be much serious.

But I agree that waiting other tester to get the headset already is fair.


Maybe, it’s possible.


That’s right, the NDA is a very useful instrument, clearly understandable to let you sign it and necessary for Pimaxs testing and feedback evaluation!

Just to give a ‚go‘ for the unboxing, would be no problem I think… taking into regards your ‚slight‘ that the boxing is ‚quiet nice‘, Pimax would do them self a favor letting you show the video! Just my thoughts…

Edit: …by the way, I appreciate your channel and all the work you put in it to bring all the VR/AR news to us, in a unbiased and professional way! Keep it up!


Yes RELEASE the UN-BOXING video!!!


Please let him post the un-boxing video!


@ xunshu I must say the finished housing looks really good. Especially with the accented Pi logo on the front corner. 10x better than the Vive housing


Indeed & we have seen them in the box & being showcased. We just haven’t seen the initial unboxing ceremony. :beers::joy::beers:


The handtracking module makes it look even more stylized. Might get one for kicks :beers:


I ordered one from the start. Lol


Same here, I figured that handtracking was only going to get more ubiquitous.
And at $100 US I decided it was practically a steal.


Does that mean that all of the other youtubers are allowed to show an unboxing as well?

Otherwise an unboxing from a soul YouTubeer would generate a targeted mass audience and fairness to the others would be out the window.


I always suspected that Sabastien had soul/s


i would say the only fair thing to do if pimax is going to allow for unboxing videos to be shown , is to wait for all the testers to get them and then allow permission simultaneously, given this kind of content would be important to all their channels and they would effectively be being punished for living further from china.

I dont feel its fair to pressure the pimax rep to give him preferential right to show content either, but at end of day its pimax’s business to do what they want.


I was watching your video just until the 11th minute and then stopped it, confused. In first 10 minutes you managed to say that you received the HMD that you cannot review it publicly due to the NDA, but you will review it thoroughly anyway for the benefit of all, with which I would agree, if it did not take 10 minutes, and then you went on how we (your viewers) should convince @xunshu to lift this NDA for your unboxing because it was really nice.

I do not care if you will be able to show your unboxing video, and if others cares then go ahead, but I care that you actually honor the NDA and your twist in the 11th minute was anything but that.


I don’t believe there is an NDA for unboxing. He just, out-of-respect, wanted Pimax’s blessing to video the unboxing. The NDA is for the device’s functionality itself. I may be wrong but that’s how I understand it…


He says in the video that he can’t show the controllers, any info on the prototype he received?


Did the testers receive controllers to test too? I don’t think they’re ready yet. They were focussing on the HMD first.


we have no information on the controllers or even if controllers shipped. Being honest, looking at the boxes they shipped in i dont see much space for any kind of controllers.


I agree, it’s in the best interest of all that the testers at least have a respectful communication with each other
and since some of them are youtubers it may cause unecessary conflict if plp may feel… sorta left behind cuz they got their HMD a little later. Otherwize i wouldn’t care but it would be sad if they start bitching and compromise productive cooperative work.