Pimax please let MRTV show the unboxing


Take it off!! TAKE IT OFF!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, that’s the good part.


There will be M2, trust me or not !!!


People calm down.
No unboxing now. This is not representing a final product or packaging so unboxing at this stage is pointless.
Second, don’t lift NDA until we got confirmation that this is a satisfying product ready to go into production or with just minor fixing.
This is still a prototype and I can see most of you looking at a final product.
Leave people to do their job best as possible in our favor. Do not destruct them with pointless issues like evaluating packaging instead focus on functionality.
Be patient, please. Most important is that we got the product for testing so the finalization is near no matter how much Mx we will get in the future before CV.


the engraved logo is very good.
but I commented in his day during the kickstarter campaign that the logo of Pimax 5k, 8k was somehow engraved for when the mass production is done and we receive them in our home.
let’s know that we have received the correct version that we have requested.


Yes, they said that they are making changes, don’t they?


If needed indeed. The same with after we early adopters get the headsets; changes are likely based on feedback where needed. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Okay folks I am closing this topic. We should be happy with what was released & patiently wait for other testers to receive & be revealed. No need to apply unneeded pressure to have more than whats needed.

Let’s be fair to both Pimax & other Testers!