Pimax Pro - CLPL Screen, released in Korea


Pimax’s Korean partner All-IP began selling the pimax 4k pro2 (clpl display) as a follow-on to the commercial version of the pimax 4k pro (oled display).

This is the same product that @Sean.Huang said Pimax Pro has a CLPL screen.


Those CLPL screens do not compare to OLED no matter what Pimax says.


1440p panel, I don’t understand this product? They already have been selling OLED 1440p and now they change it for LCD?


:slight_smile: Seems to be the panel that they intended to use for the 5k. They probably already bought a bunch of them but now that everybody will go with the 5k+ they look for a way to get rid of em.


Right… So is it the 5K + panel?

I still don’t understand why they don’t just use the 4K CLPL panel with DP1.4 native 4K. They could be making a fortune this year as the only 4K HMD manufacturer

@Sean.Huang Do you have plans for the P4K CV2? Please reply. Thanks


This company’s previous pimax pro was a resolution 2160 x 1200 OLED.
So it’s better in terms of resolution. Check out the picture below.


Did I say it was a 5K + panel?
Just relax, There’s no such explanation.:wink:


Understood, so the Pro1 did not have the same displays as the 4K BE.

Pimax has got themselves a lot of display variations.


I wonder how much it costs to have Pimax customise a headset? Keen to go halves on a 4K pro? Could sell thousands of them haha


I would have bought that pro version. The only thing wrong with the current 4K is black levels and 60Hz. But I have no issue with the 60Hz so all that’s needed for a greater experience is better black levels.
I don’t understand why Pimax thought cheap components were fine enough. But I guess total sales matter more than quality


I think that 60Hz is sufficient for certain use cases, like watching movies and seated experiences. But with room-scale games with much faster head movements, it is a different story.


I guess that’s fair. Because it lacks 6dov, I haven’t done much fast movements where the brain can more easily pick up on the illusion the screen tries to sell