Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



Im getting one of the test samples very soon and will start to evaluate it in-depth for you!

I think it was a bit optimistic. During July we are hoping to make final testings on the latest samples with the latest panels, so the manufacturing of the first batches part can begin as soon as possible. But the “release” will NOT be now in July for sure. Kevin is currently trying out the new sample with Robin and hopefully my sample arrives soon.


Are you really getting the sample? That is much faster than I expected!
I am extremely looking forward to see your review Martin :wink:


Every single pre-ordered headset has been fulfilled, yes. The accessories have been delayed because of several reasons, many of them completely out of hands for Pimax.

The cable replacements, as long as they are in stock in the UK/US warehouse, should take no longer than 2 weeks to process and deliver. But there has been some exceptions indeed, and Im sorry you had to wait longer than most…

  • “and I still can’t use the headset?”
    It was said from day 1 that controllers and base stations will arrive at a later point. Now, the huge delay of the controllers was never planned, but it happened probably because of many re-designs upon requests from the community (us all in here). And the base stations were halted by the manufacturers of the base stations. Its under their license and Pimax has to adopt to their terms, agreements and delays.

Regarding the actual “useability” of the headset, yes you can use your Pimax in many ways meanwhile without LH and controllers. Check my last video as an example.

  1. I know you didnt ask me, but I kindly wanted to quickly explain the situation for you, as you clearly have no clue about why some of the delays even took place.

  2. It was just examples. Just like Pimax has been dealing with delays, Valve and HP has their own delays as well. Who would expect that? :wink:

  3. My point was that Pimax is no longer a Kickstarter project, but a company providing headsets to new customers each day. Headsets that no other company can match until this day. I wouldnt call that a “fail”.

  4. OK, I’m sorry I couldnt give you a better reply. Im not looking for excuses, Im just giving you some facts.



Maybe the 8K-x is earlier ready then my reverb :joy:


I’m trying not to get too excited about the 8KX, but that is exciting news.

Hopefully it won’t take Pimax too long to manufacture the 300 units for the Kickstarter backers once they settle on a final version.


Who knows, I wouldnt be surprised :slight_smile:

Kevin is currently testing the 8KX right now and he is very positive about it, and I will share my thoughts as soon as it arrives. The 8KX is on high priority now, and the team is doing all they can to speed up the process.


I wonder what performance is needed or at which resolutions it can be operated… If its 2080TI minimum, I am not sure if I want to invest again …
The smartsmoothing as up now, is to “glitchy” for me maybe it improves …


The performance is expected to be similar or better than on the current 8K, as the distortion algorithm is re-made and improved, allowing for a more proper resolution being rendered without much overhead (the current 8K headset resolution at PiTool 1.0 render quality is very high, a bit beyond native 4K, to compensate for the upscaler. Thats the reason of the poorer performance on the 8K.)
This is something the team is working on to improve upon 8KX, with a better solution for distortion correction with less pixels being used in vain, especially with parallel projection titles.


Can those improved distortion algorithm be applied to 5K and 8K headsets?
Those who can not afford 8KX will be very appreciated if that is possible.


Hmm. They could ship the 2x Basestations and the Pimax Deluxe Audio Strap. I’ll pay shipping for it.


Hmm, many didnt back the 8kx because the kickstarter basically said no computer would be able to run it. Now it’s coming out that out might be even easier to run then the 8k? I’m a little disappointed to be honest. I would definitely have gotten one if i thought it would have been playable.

I’m sure most people thought the same. I hope there is some sort of upgrade path for backers.


You say the 8kx is high prority but it was advertised as being delayed in the kickstarter so we all knew it wasn’t coming until later but the accessories we are all entitled to did not come with such a delay yet we still haven’t recieved a single one. Shouldn’t that be a higher priority? You’d all are obviously stretched way too thin right now if you can’t even get people their extra face foam and rigid headstrap…

No one here expected the 8kx in 2019 but we sure as hell expected the accessories we were promised.


I’m expecting the 8KX in 2019! It’s been a long time since I backed it.


Do us all a favour and ship the basestations when they are available.

Your project is now 15 months overdue, your quality issues have decimated your reputation and your customer service issues have only proven that you aren’t a reliable company. The best way forward now is to give something back to all the people who supported you from the start. Having to wait until … well, who knows? The end of this year? Feb 20? Summer 20? … for what was promised is getting beyond a joke.

At least show that you want to improve the relationship with your customers. VR is still a niche arena. Keep screwing people over and no matter how good a product you launch in the future, people won’t buy it because your name will be mud.


Hi @Dallas.Hao, it’s high time for another official update.


Maybe Pimax have not realized that 8K requires more than 4k rendering resolution to get fine output image when funding started.

Who would imagine 4k rendering for 1440p input image?


As tech noob I understood it this way: the render overhead depends on the lens design and cannot be reduced below a certain percentage. XTAL, for example, has such an elaborate lens design that no optical equalization (correctly translated?) is necessary anymore. Therefore these lenses have no render overhead. The decisive question is whether the 8kx will have completely new lenses. If not, I don’t believe that you can get a lot out of optimization. But hope dies last :smiley:


Is this to say 8kX is higher priority than controllers atm, or are those separate teams with separate resources? I’d be disappointed if it were higher, because that would imply to me that it’s being pushed for cash-flow concerns (or similar). New headsets are money-makers, shipping controllers at a probably loss are money losers.

However, I think it’s been said in the past that headset and controller engineers are separate teams, so if that’s the case then I’d love to hear it confirmed.


There was only a run of 400 & tech available at the time was iffy & needed dual cables. If tech was where it is now then. There would only have been the 8kX as the 8k.


The problem realized before the kickstarter launch was that hardware(bridgechips primarily) didn’t support 4k native. Resulting in needing to have the 8k built like og p4k.

Due to community request here that helped evolve the project prior to KS launch resulted in the 5k & a commitment to make the 8kX to have native 4k/eye. With Hardware limits at the time they decided to only do a limited run of 400 units.

The delays have in truth favored the 8kX as the Technology in Bridgechips has advanced to allow for 4k native/eye on a single cable.