Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



I guess not :upside_down_face::grin::upside_down_face::grin::upside_down_face::grin:


Nice work Kevin. Thanks for what your doing behind the scenes. Theres a good opportunity for Pimax with the other poor offerings


That’s good news. I’d love to have an 8K-X at some point, although I’ll probably wait until they are readily available for purchase.


No, please no controllers this year! :cowboy_hat_face:


Damn I would love that, hope we can get some more insight also soon … a teaser every 14 days would be awesome- at least imho


Vive Pro released with LH 2.0 in April 2018. I’ve never heard HTC complain about Valve withholding or delaying stock due to Index.

So why does Pimax find all these problems and excuses while HTC does not?

Is the reality more like this…Pimax promised LH to backers at a price below that at which Valve were selling them to HTC? Pimax would actually lose money on every LH sale and the only way Pimax could negotiate a better price is to hit the MOQ at 65,000 units which would leave thousands of units collecting dust on Pimax shelves. Pimax needs longer to get a larger user before making the deal worth while. This is why they’re stalling to get 8kX out the door.

Pimax are in a predicament where LH are too costly to buy in bulk and they can’t shift the left overs as single units because HTCs has proven their contract prevents them as single units too. Otherwise Pimax could flood the market with 60,000 LH and undercut Valves own price. No one would buy the full Index package and HTC would be pissed.

Valve played it crafty by selling the Index HMD cheap but the Knuckles and LHs high to prevent Pimax buying single units direct off the Valve website to cover Kickstarter backers.

If Valve wanted they could sell 6000 units to Pimax at cost as a gesture of good will but they won’t because Pimax breaches Valve license agreements by not supporting SteamVR directly.

Just my conspiracy theory for what it’s worth.


Maybe if Pimax had been a fully SteamVR-compatible headset, and not an hack that bypasses the standard libraries and with integrated Oculus support… the art of being loved :hearts:


There was complaints in HTC supporr forum. Where HTC rep told users Valve was in control of LH v2.0 (folka that wanted to purchase lighthouses). Valve original oem price in Articlea $59; price was said to have gone up.


I guess some of my enthusiasm comes from exposure to behind the scenes activities, testing samples etc.

Pray tell good sir what must I sign, and how much for my soul, to be clued in on such wizardry?


No different than other 3rdparty headsets(WMR, defunct OSVR, iVRy etc…). Valve seems to have moved away from direct partners after LG presumably bailed; otherwise Index would have been Ultragear.

It would be interesting to test Steam titles in opencomposite.


We have alot more then 2 parts. Where are the accessories that were promised to ALL backers not just the ones waiting on controllers? Will we be forced to wait for them or the 8kx before we see things as simple as face foam being shipped?


That would be a big deal, I bought Pimax because it was 100% compatible with Valve Lighthouse System. Thankfully it’s not so different as a WMR or an Oculus, but currently it’s not the same experience as Vive or Index, and it would be better since this hardware (TS4231 based) allows that.


And it is compatible not to be confused with Native support. Yes there are hiccups that need to be worked out. Though it is curious how some seem to have no issues.

While I have no LHes I have observed no reall issue when at events like VRTO last year helping with setup where needed. Granted these booths had permnament LH setups where only pc & headset were brought in.

Now could be varience in LH positioning, hardware or mfging varience in pimax headset. It is too bad Valve failed to draw in 3rdparties to their hmd dev kits & LG’s departure.

While aim is 100% compatible which should be close to Native. I think one of the issues is number of tracking sensors & layout not being the same.


not 100% compatible, because PiTool interferes with SteamVR preventing some features, such as the use of multiple peripherals (more than two controllers, trackers… )

… and don’t tell me “someone can” until you can try it yourself. Even if an hack would exist, an hack may not work for everyone.


I can tell you as some have. I don’t need to have the eq to read of folks that have no issues as they have reported.

You mean the fact that the software is still being worked out as we were told was not finished when headsets were released. Guess if you could have waited until software considered ready. You’d still be waiting to receive your headset.


I hate to tell you this but not one line in that theory is correct or even close. I very much wish I could relate the story (it’s a good one) but the parties to the events wouldn’t allow it.


So and when can we finally get infos and release date for the stretch goals???


@PimaxUSA will the stretch goals happen this year?
Edit. Oh and the controllers + lighthouses?


Any update on finalizing Pi DAS as one was first pictured in Jan 2017 (see RdToVR Article). Plus you said long ago it just needed some small adjustments. Index? I think demoed an easy fix with extra rear cushion insert.

And can we have an update on 3 peices of software content? Is this linked to Eye Tracking Module?

How close is the Hand tracking module to release now that Ultra Haptics has Bought Leap.

While understandable with the rushed Alpha Pitool is there an update when a Beta Stable release will be out to fix & update issues like Oculus compatibility function & random crashes?

Please give some kind of answer instead of evading these questions.

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This )))))))))))))))))