Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



It’s a bit funny that Pimax will not even comment on software issues . Where is the support that we should be receiving ?


@PimaxUSA The Pimax 8k has been out of stock for a couple weeks now. Has it been discontinued to make way for the 8k X? I heard you guys were planning to make the X version your flagship headset, so it only makes sense.


Yeah it seems some are experts in obfuscation & silence. Even when one quotes Official posts & ask for clarity.


He’s a smooth talker, articulate and has the talent of delivering a response that is upbeat and positive, and yet nothing solid can be gleaned from it as it is couched in NDA’s and disclaimers/promises of fluffy clouds to come.


Easy to be upbeat with all the samples trial. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Anyway, give us answers, @PimaxUSA


I’m in the same boat as you. Ready to fork out whatever it costs for the flagship model but wont buy anything without lighthouses and a controller. Also wont buy until they are available on amazon with full warranty:)


I’ll give Pimax time to work out the initial problems, for sure.

I’m not waiting for those: Back in January, I bought a new lighthouse from Amazon, in preparation for my 8K’s arrival. I don’t care about VR controllers and the single lighthouse I bought from Pimax will just be a spare, in case my current one dies.

We all have differing priorities: What I would really like to get is the deluxe headstrap and cooling fans.


6months to a year sure things might be good by then.


RAS was changed to add a couple of unique features after the one I tested so that required some new and updated parts. I will be back in China in the next week or so and will get to test the new one for the first time. But the change moved it back to some degree.

On the 3 pieces of content I don’t know but I’m sure it’s unrelated to the eye tracking software package. I’ll add that question to my list when I get to the SH office. It hasn’t been part of any of my tasks.

Hand tracking I’m working regularly with UltraHaptics engineering team. It turns out Leap Motion had a production issue that needed to be solved. It was something that could have caused defects over time and now samples are being built that have some updates. UH commitment level to this is high and we have been assisting. I’m sure the modules won’t hit until after August.

Pitool is going open so that will change the nature of how that is updated and the frequency etc… Some major announcements will be wrapped up around all the changes to it’s methodology. I imagine the new system will be quite popular.


Ok just get your sh*t together like this year I guarantee otherwise ppl will lose their hope and laugh at you. Even more than they’re doing now.


Yes but will Pitool still officially support Oculus games


Thank you that had decent level of substance. But it is unfortunate to not have any real prospects til by your estimate Sept on modules as it is unfortunately true the clock is ticking.

For pimax to gain traction it needs to wrap up having a basic complete package. And have the housing issue fixed, as it is very evident that the belief it is fixed is not accurate. Many folks even recently are on headset 4+ with cracks.

Many are still having support communication issues with NA owners not being forwarded to your division.


Yeah I don’t really see the point in returning my headset with cracks in one corner until we get some sort of conformation the issue is resolved . At the moment it definitely isn’t .


Forgive my stupid question but does Pimax still own and control Pitool software once it becomes open source.


I guess it depends of how much and what parts of the software theyre going to “open source”

They can make official builds while there might be user made forks of the pitool etc.


They will still own the core of the software. Ie they should still be in controll of Official builds & such.


So it’s still up to Pimax to provide core support and updates ?


Should be. As @TrevorVR said it will depwnd on model used.

For example I might make a forknso to speak to address a bug & after pimax evaluates the code may merge it into the official release. Til we have some real details we can only speculate on direction.

But there should be an official branch.


HTC on vive Lighthouse v2.0