Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



Htc does now have SteamVR v2.0 LH & Vive wands v2.0 available for $270ca each! Crazy prices.

V1.0 lhes & wands for $80ca less each.


v1 LH’s aren’t worth 60 apiece in my opinion, the design and functionality were a big miss for HTC.


Remember $60/unit was Valve’s original stated price for OEMs on v2.0 (before they changed price & availability) & was said to be cheaper to produce vs v1.0 LHes.

V2.0 LHes are even been said not to be a big improvement over v1.0 save can create a larger playspace & don’t need to see one another or use a link cable. But have jacked the retail to more than double.

Even HTC has increased the Vive wands v2.0 to astronomical levels for a tracking sensors chip upgrade.


I’ve never understood what drew people to pay so much for a product they perceived as top tier, as they blindly bought into the PR culture of most expensive equals the best, like Apple.


One of the reasons v1.0 Lighthouses were so expensive to make was that custom motors & laser modules were needed for sweeping lasers than what was available(read in HackAday project).

Which up until the last year & half Valve has enjoyed it’s lead.

We do know that Valve’s tracking system has enjoyed being best over other tracking solutions. But others are catching up to a point where LH inconvienences may soon outweigh it’s edge as it gets smaller.

Valve really needs to get it’s price under control after stating LH v2.0 would be cheaper to produce than v1.0. Price hikes on supposed cheaper to make hardware is not a good way to maintain & encourage adoption.

IO is improving as reported on Rift S recent updates. Ease of use & setup could hamper steamvr tracking adoption.


Thanks for the insights in here guys, much appreciated!

Question from me though, do you think the 300$ estimate for the controllers / lighthouse bundle is still realistic?


I would say no based on Valve & HTC price points. No way Valve would let an OEM undercut them on retail price on LHes.


Yeah that’s my assumption as well. But then there’s the controllers also. 150€ for one would almost make me fear of holding it :confused:


The good though for us Backers is ours that pledged for them are paid in full.


Yeah I’m a day 1 pre order, not a backer. I haven’t even put the deposit either since I wanna wait till reviews.


We have no idea if Pimax even placed their basestation orders & if the current pricing remains, Pimax stands to actually lose.

Suddenly, the Stretch Goals have become the least of our worries…


It’s worries all the way down…


Maybe but after LH & controller release will be important to get an affordable tracking alternative. As Steamvr tracking will be pricing itself into obscurity.

Valve is not looking to push adoption.


It is strange that the tracking/controllers cost nearly as much as the high-powered headset.


When will these module`s and accessories be shipped to the <1000 backers?


will there be any news … :sob:


Might as well dive into some new vr releases like NM’s Sky to cushion the probable reality that there will be no news this month.


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