Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



When execatly will the testing start? And how long will the testing phase last?



Will the rigid head strap also be in time to be shipped together with the controllers and lighthouses?


But you know now after the update at what point they are with the different things, they are not making promises like in the past as things are in development, i think they have learned from that


Thats all nice, but what is with the users who already got their pimax? Do we get replacements of the face cushion, nose pad, ect?


@arminelec @kloperius The stretching goals will definately send to our backers, but other accessiories will be updated when its ready. Thank you!


Thank you for the update we much needed that :slight_smile:
One question, what does the verification phase means with the audio headstrap, does it mean it is in the final test phase?


@Dallas.Hao thanks for the update.
But we don’t have many more new informations, it’s again very poor.
What about all the accessories that were promised to us? For the kickstarter campaign?
What about the eyetracking?
What about the 10m cable that I have bought as an add-on?!


@Dallas.Hao Whats the status on the eye tracking module, headstrap, wireless module, the HMD fan, prescription lenses, face cushion and the 10m cable?



The base stations are currently in production period


Sadly I have a hard time believing this, lots of nice words and good will, but as someone that just recently got the flashing dots issue, I sent a support request and got my ticket 16202, and they are telling me that “Your cable is currently stock out. We will arrange in the next batch.”, with no ETA in sight.

I mean really @Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR? you’re out of stock of the cable that connects the headset to the PC? Do you really get out of stock of things like that? So sad, so basically I have an unusable paper weight on my room, the flashing dots are so annoying I just can’t use it anymore, it completely breaks the immersion.

Also I just got my Index controllers tracking number, but we don’t have any solution yet about compatibility other than some incoming pitool update, the “good thing” is thy at this point I don’t care much, since I won’t be able to use them anyway with the issue mentioned before.


That is not what he asked though.

Will the base stations be sent as soon as they are available to people who do not need to wait for Controllers?


Given I have a backer headset that hasn’t been replaced I guess mine has all these faults. But given it makes me motion sick there isn’t a lot more I can do with the darn thing until you ship a solution to that problem. By which point will you still be offering replacements for your buggy early broken releases of the headset? These don’t help those who already bought their devices, people who are still awaiting solutions to the real problems they have and items they bought that aren’t yet delivered.

These are all nice but they definitely don’t help existing customers who have problems with the headstrap and nose piece etc. We as backers just got left with the buggy unusable stuff.


Thx, that’s understood.

Having bought into a single additional Base Station but not any of the controllers I hope to get my package as soon as the Base Station is ready for shipping.

Especially in case any of the stretch goals results in a separate shipping at a later date I would just take the Base Station with whatever is available asap.
Simply because the Base Station is necessary to fix my tracking issues for seated sims. It’s just not good enough atm compared to what I had with the Rift CV1 (even worse to my DK2 back then).

Thx for taking that into consideration for your planned shipping of extras…


Thanks for the update Dallas ,my question is WHY can you not send at OUR cost
the LH’s if they are ready, there are a lot of people in my position who cannot get
full utilization of there Pimax without the LH’s and have paid for these over a year and a half ago???
Surely it would increase Pimax PR and cost you nothing to do so,please look into it as we are many waiting!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s good that they are not making false promises, fully agreed.

But in terms of real news I primarily see them confirm that they will wait with shipping for the controllers, which still have long way to go if you don’t downgrade to the non Sense version which I will not do (got the Vive wands, will probably buy a complete Index package in autumn if reviews are good).

That will mean another massive delay of everything, no option to pay a bit for separate shipping even being offered.

Unless the 8KX is a complete blast it means that these deliverables will arrive at my home when the Pimax party is over since months.


Are you guys going to fix the issue with Vive Full body Trackers anytime soon? It’s been over a month and I am still unable to use them like before with little to no information from Pimax about updates.


@Dallas.Hao This is the sort of update we all are waiting for. Thank you so much for doing this. Please update us on regular basis, even when you have no new information, at least that way we know that you guys still care.


Exactly. We we’re promised the retail version. Nice updates for new customers…


Thank you @Yongkykun, we will update the latest progress in our forum.


Yes it will be good solution if pimax offered that we pay a bit for seperate shipping and not have unnecessary waiting time. Myself i didn’t pledge for the controllers, i decided to wait back then how it will work out. But i pledged one lighthouse and the handtracking module, i guess for me i have to wait till the module is finished.