Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



I guess it makes sense, should it be the case they have discarded their old inventory, in anticipation of the purported new improved batches.


Thanks for the heads up, greatly appreciated.

When you’re saying “we have some good news to share”, does that mean that every issues listed in your post will be fixed for backers who already have receive their headset ?

Also, I know it’s not such an easy thing to give time estimate, especially for a small team (and people tend to think of it as an engagement instead of being just what it is : an estimation), but do you have some kind of a time frame for each of these ?


Perhaps I have become cynical is the last few months on this forum but I highly doubt “we have some good news to share” refers to thse of us who have already handed over our money, but to prospective purchasers who are getting the latest and greatest.

This is undersandable to a certain extent as Pimax are running a business, however, these are pre-exsiting issues that existing users have and Pimax has not really acknowledged most people who have posted issues on this forum.


This is good news, but now you should go one step further and give each group the news they are waiting for.


Backers - next steps of process to deliver stretch goals
Pre-orders - next steps for options to upgrade accessories
Products with various issues - next steps to swap or troubleshoot relative to the problem

We should get more than “further testing is being done” and “contact support for issues” - these are not news to us, specifics are important.

Random examples making up the details:

Backers - we will contact you, (re)verify your addresses, and deliver the following items in one package (1. Headstrap, 2. Nose piece 3…etc). Expect the timeline to be ‘1 - 3 months’ [and use realistic min and max times please so we have a real idea]

Pre-orderers - here are the prices to you for each item. Place your order on the sites, and then we will contact you, (re)verify your addresses, and deliver your chosen items… etc etc Expect the timeline to be 1 - 3 months etc

Products with issues - for cables / noise we will replace it. For damaged housing, we will inspect and repair on a case by case basis. We will contact you, (re)verify your addresses, etc etc etc :slight_smile:


With regards to the Mask bracket, Face cushion and Nose pad… These have been the biggest and most annoying challenges for me with my Pimax units. When will these be available for your early backers? Are these more development items that will be available in the coming years or can one hope it might be sooner rather than later? Thank you…


We need an update on index controller comparability! How do you leave that out?


Somebody mentioned coupon expiry date…

Here’s one question…

Say I wanted to upgrade to the 8kX:

  1. Would any standing coupon be eligible against an 8kX?

  2. Could the recent trade-in campaign include taking a cracked-casing 5k+, or “vanilla” 8k, at a fair valuation (possibly worth selling refurbished)? (My casing went in conjunction with a short fall onto a fairly soft floor, rather than “spontaneously”, but still…) Has anybody got check on relevant shipping costs? -Would those completely eat up any trade-in deal “earnings”, for anybody who’s not a neighbour of Pimax’s, and walks over to hand over their old unit in person?

  3. Given non-delivery of accessories so far, could the value of any side orders (…and maybe even kickstarter-included) for such be converted to part payment on an 8kX?

I’ll also reiterate my staunch opinion that there is too little differentiation between the current 8k and the 5k+; They are both 2x2.5k models, for all practical purposes, and just bloat the product lineup in a confusing way. Pick one of them for the “lower-medium” market segment; Make the 8kX the new, true, 8k; And price the consumer version of it no higher than mandated by BOM difference between it and the “old” 8k.

The enterprise version would have other aspects making up the difference: From a comprehensive support contract, to ruggedization, less compromising build overall, and ergonomic- and branding customisation/use-case optimisation.


As i talked to mazi and formatter:
The exact mass production schedule of controllers depend on the test report of the latest version of prototype.


yeah its because of that that i choose waiting for full pack but pimax ignored this completly and send the headset anyway. its very disappointed. they say to all backers that the headset are receiving new improvements. very good but no for us for sure…


@Dallas.Hao, @Anthony is asking about compatibility of index controllers made by Valve that are currently shipping.


Hello @Dallas.Hao,

Since a month, I have a strong issue of flickering color dots. It is barely unplayable. I have noticed that the part where the cable is plugged is very hot, much more than the rest of the HMD. If I unplugged the cable and cool it, flickering dots disappear, and come back again few minutes later when the heat comes back (removing the cable every 5 min is of course not an option)

I already got a replacement cable last feb for white flickering dots issue, but now it is colored dots (red,blue,green)

Did you solved this overheating issue as well with the new cable?

If yes, can you sent it to me asap ? i would like to be able to use my pimax during summer.

Can you include as well the nose pad (never had one) and the new face cushion?


PS: I have also opened a ticket on the service desk: Flickering dots (#16284)


Dallas on Housings we have several members on their 3rd & 4th cracked housing. Is the team certain thickness is not part of the problem? (@spamenigma @BarShiftGames)

We also have some members whom seem to be experiencing Tracking issues which from tests with @Doman.Chen seem to point possibly to material thickness.


  • Touch Headset LH tracking fails.
  • Block sensor without touching Tracking picks back up once unblocked.


Is there plans to make the Trackpad in a full sense flavor(As per Kickstarter & Pre Order)? And the Stick in a Non Sense flavor with removable battery?


Agreed I did the same. I’m not a Vive user so I don’t have lighthouses or controllers, so I’ve got a box that is useless for me to even open. I don’t want to buy lighthouses and controllers since they will just be made redundant.


As per your Topic in Steam Community. I see you & a couple of Vive owners are also waiting on Valve’s response to the problem.


Index Controller is a bit of mystery since Cas & Chary had it working in first install on Livestream. Pitool 132 & Steamvr beta.

A user posted his log file & seems that his Steam is looking for the knuckles driver as a seperate file & not the merged file.


Just luck of the Irish, I guess.


There’s a lot of us with a little Irish in us aparently.


Hell I’m still trying to just get it so all text isn’t blury. It seems overly difficult and so far has been worse visually quality then my Odyssey plus.

If there’s a way we can order the new mask that’d be great there’s a lot of light that comes in which makes it even worse.


We have 40 degrees Celsius summer heat in Germany. We need the fans…NOW