Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



With that much heat might want Central Air. Wowsers. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@Dallas.Hao, so base staions currently in production, intended to ship with controllers… but what would that mean for me who added just one base but not controllers?
Then, by now you should know the final price (the deposit clearly states the 300,- is NOT the final one).
I think, evaluating all we backers have been going through it is not asked to much to know the final price and accept my 75,- EUR pledge for the base, coupon voucher for the wireless solution, and also the Audio headstrap (mooded my Pimax with an DAS menawhile) to be accepted against a set of controllers and 2 base stations. This in return will free you from sending me anything (perscription frame, face cushion, eye track module) owed until the Sense controllers are ready to ship. Fair offer?


Thank you for the update @Dallas.Hao!

I also appreciate that it was sent as a Kickstarter update.

Please keep updating us regularly. Whenever there is a long period of silence it makes Pimax look bad.


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA will replacements for faulty hmd’s sent, be the improved units or the same old ones.


Thank you for the update.


So when do we get the upgrades ?? Haven’t even used mine yet do to problems listed here.


Some people seem to want more promises and information you can’t reliably provide. However, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that transparency and honesty are far more important to most of us.

Thank you for the update.


Lighthouseboxes are in production, but for cost reasons only with the controllers delivered! The controllers are still under development !!! Are you crazy?

Have all customers ordered the Lighthouseboxes and ordered controllers?

Would not it be fair if you at least made the buyer the offer to deliver the Lighthouseboxes separately, if the buyer takes over the shipping?

I can not quite believe the story… sorry


What about people that didnt order LHs or controllers, will we have to wait for those to be done before we get accessories? Why cant you ship face foam and headstraps? Why do we have to wait for LHs and controllers when we didnt order them?


As probably most of backers I’d like to know what is the progress with eye tracking and wireless module? Is there any developments at all?


Hey @Dallas.Hao you mention accessories but nothing about their intended delivery. Is EVERYTHING going to be delivered at once? What I mean is for backers with a full pledge are we waiting for the improved face cushion, fan, customizable prescription frame, rigid headstrap, eye tracking module, sword sense controllers and base stations to all be finished before Pimax will ship them out?


i didnt even back controllers, just 1 ligthhouse as an addon for 75+10 extra for shipping. when do i and others that did the same get the lighthouses?


What does this mean? Backers will get these updates: mask bracket, cable, and nose pad?
Face cushion is a stretch goal so we already expect those. (Also can not understand why they have not been completed and shipped)


Thanks for the update, i am very eager to hear more about the 8k X :slight_smile:


That will only mean that we will get an info when they are ready. No more and no less!

That’s just another example of suboptimal communication!

So what is Pimax actually doing these days?

This person posted they are using the same version of Cas & Chary and knuckles do not work


Which is why we need settings files to compare with.

Steamvr settings files & pitool settings file to see what is different.

Could be something ridiculous like not installed on c drive 4 example.


I would gladly pay $10 or so for the new face and nose accessories. Pimax should put them on sale at a discount for backers. :slight_smile: Or just put them up for sale.

I totally understand and am grateful to see Pimax iterating and making their products better instead of waiting and selling them as a new headset like some competitors… Keep it up!!

-edit: sorry Peteo, I didn’t mean to reply directly to you. Just the post.


you just buy a pad for Vives tthat is working great and cut the nose part from the old pimax pad.
For the fan , note that is ispretty useless because it is not refreshing the inside of the helmet , it just blow the air on the forehead above the helmet.
i am planning to make a small hole on the side in the soft part of the helmet to put a small cylindrical fan that can pull air from the inside .
The smallest small fan you can easily find is usally a squere one , 15x15mm, but square shape is probably more difficult to fix (but a small 3D printed adapter should solve the problem). I got a dozen of round ones about 15mm diameter that should fit.


Looks like I was right about the problem, in the end… LOL :grin:

Question: Will these new parts be compatible and replaceable on the “old” Pimax 5K and 8K models?