Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



How can we get the upgraded face cushion and nose pad?


Thank you for the update. Sounds promising


All bakers will get the updates, too!
Did i understand it right?


@Dallas.Hao I understand that pimax wants to save on shipping, and has planned to send to its backers only one single package containing both the BS and the controllers (plus eventually the promised free accessories available at the time), when both will be finally manufactured and tested, it makes sense, but at least it would be responsible towards the customers to offer the possibility of sending as soon as possible even only the Base Stations by the end of the summer, if the customer is tired of waiting and is willing to pay the shipping costs.


Are the Upgrade Free for everyone or just Backers or the New Owner? Im a Pre-Order 5K+ owner and i hope this also eligible for us as well for Free since is your side issue and not our problem. till now the new cable i received during April still having the sparkling issue and it gone and came back sometime and i dont want to spend another money just because alot of negative issue from your so call item faulty or whatever, as well as please make a Bundle Deal Controller & Lighthouse 2.0 cheaper deal for Pre-order as well. so this make a better competitive with the Index itself. Remember show us more Love not cash-grab. I have faith in you Pimax.


what would you do with BS and no controller ?
either you get both or it is useless.
I prefer to receive the light stuff like the face cushion and nose pad (while you can easy get one for cheap on ebay, so there is no emergency here either.) even if i have to pay a few dollars for shipment.
For the hand tracker, they could have it sent direct form the plant since it is third party anyway.


Simmers want the LH & don’t need a controller when using things like Hotas & wheels. It gives 6dof for head


Thank you Dallas. I think we all love getting information.
However; the rest of this post is going to sound pretty bitter, but that’s only because my patience has taken a hit or two. I put some cheers, whine and questions below. Here it is…

1. Packaging and Material updates :

  • a.Packaging: Nice. I’m very happy for you
  • b.Fabric Headstrap: Will we get it? Why not tell us right away instead of 10000 people having to ask?
  • c.Mask bracket & Face cushion : Will we get it? Why not tell us right away instead of 10000 people having to ask?
  • d.Nose pad: Will we get it? Why not tell us right away instead of 10000 people having to ask?

2. Other Production and product improvements:

  • a.Cable Improvements : Will we get it? Why not tell us right away instead of 10000 people having to ask?

  • b.Facecushion : Will we get it? Why not tell us right away instead of 10000 people having to ask?

  • c.Headphone jack improvements: That’s nice. I’m very happy for you

  • d.Housing issues : Nice. I’m very happy for you

  • e. Optical Detection : Nice. I’m very happy for you
    3.Pimax Accessory Progress:

  • a. Pimax Controllers : Finally. ETA Q3?

  • b. Rigid Audio Headstrap : Thx. Summer 2018 comment: “It’s no problem to produce”, then not a word. So Q3 then?

  • c.Lighthouse 2.0 Base Stations : Finally. ETA Q3? (yeah… Valve this, Index that, semiconductors and whatnot. Let’s call it bad luck)

  • d.Hand Tracking Module : Sweet jeezebub, please make this miracle happen. :pray:

We have neglected you for quite some time due to the work on products , module s and accessories. We clearly have not share d with you enough information on the current company situation time ly manner and we apologize for the impact.

All too true. But we’ve heard the apologies before without information getting any better/more frequent. Let’s change that. Better late than never.

We are very excited about VR and our small (but growing) team couldn’t have gotten as far as we have without the help of Pimax backers and the VR community.

True. But how many are still happy and loyal at this point? The slow/incorrect/confusing/contradictory information has been incredible. Some magic needs to happen to win people back. We need these people to spread the word about large fov, quality tech and great service. Pimax needs a plan on how to make this a reality (Coupons are not the answer. Especially if you can’t use them).

Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone for being so supportive over the years , we couldn’t have done it without you.

All true. You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

I’m 100% sure I’ll regret this post


Its a good post and I completely agree with it, so feel you shouldn’t regret it!


Great update, looking forward to the improvements.

What news is there regarding the kickstarter stretch goals? I’m really excited for the eye tracking module.


Nice update, Um, I think! .
This is supposed to be a Hi end HMD, WHY the F£$% are you still pi$%ing about with a Fabric Headstrap: it should be the delux audio strap, not the one it comes with.


Please publish 3D printing data of Mask bracket and Nose pad. Furthermore, it is painful for the money to disappear.


Its all a bunch of NOTHING if its not available yet.


is it just me or do I feel like they are purposely avoiding answering the question on eye tracking, the one question that everyone keep asking…then topic change and was never mention again


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA @ben06 That’s correct, please make a statement regarding support for knuckles/ Valve Index Controllers. Many of us, myself included, bought the Pimax with the intention of using these controllers.


Please check other threads. From some digging. It looks like you might have no problems based on Cas & Chary’s live stream. If you were not an early owner of knuckles & receive them soon just hook up install & play. Should work.

Early reports appears to be due to driver name & location change. Orig name VRKnuckles new name Index Controllers.

New receivers of controllers should work. A user receiving tomorrow is going to test.

Pimax team has details to evaluate & possible fixes if needed are posted. But try em before exploring a need to fix.


I am willing to wait until Pimax 8K X come out. Will you be willing to replace my beautiful 5K Plus that i never used after receiving it?


Thank you @glassy99, i will improve the pace of update the progress of the projects


There are many progress which can not be released until they are tested to be reliable and practical.

Thank you, thank everyone of whom can be objective and understand the difficulty of doing things. I will try to update more progress of us.


We will put these accessories on official website for sale, when they are ready.