Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



I also get this but I found a temporary fix: switching heartz modes from 60/72/90 makes them go away or turning on or off the headset with the power button


No need to regret, while I am happy that they at least posted - the info says little to nothing- just as you replyed. Like another prototype- nice but what where the issues and what’s done different - not asking for confidentials but more than the posted would have maybe had some value for getting the backer support up hi - so your post hit the nail on it’s head.


I would be willing to pay for separate freight if reasonable so that I get what is ready rather than wait until all are ready.


That’s really interesting, I’ll give it a try thanks.


thnx for the update. hope the controllers get ready soon, i already bought quite a few games that need roomscale and controlers, cant wait to play them! :wink:


This is good news, please would you be able to tell us what day or week the testing will be completed and also give us the heads up on the issues or if you get the green light. Doing this update will boost the community because we are atleast hearing something. Thank you and keep at it!



Thank you for the update! I have a question about the controller and lighthouses. On the Pimax website, it has them “on deposit” for $300. Does “on deposit” mean that the price will go up later and I will need to pay more money, or does it just mean that they are not available yet for shipping? If the price will go up, what will the final price be? I am willing to pay the deposit, but I am reluctant without knowing how much I will be on the hook for.


So, another year without controllers, base stations, modules… Maybe in summer 2020?

And as the top of all this, the “Pimax WITHOUT Base Stations? - My TOP 7 BEST VR Experiences you SHOULD TRY!” SweViver’s video.

I’m not too happy.


So I tried this but it didn’t work, changing different hz modes or turning on/off did nothing sadly, it seem to appear less at the beginning for some reason, but in a few minutes it’s flashing dot party again, so it’s far from a useful solution, glad it works for you though.


Damn sorry to hear that ://


So perhaps we‘ll get it 2020, perhaps 2021, who knows.

And at some stage that will turn into a ‚who cares‘.

It is so revealing when you see the silence of Pimax when those ask about their ETA who actually haven‘t even ordered any controllers but the Lighthouse boxes ask if they at least will be served without having to wait for the controllers to be finished - Pimax doesn‘t even bother to respond. So apparently Pimax will also let them wait for ever even if the alleged reasoning for the delay completely fails with these backers. If it weren‘t my money on the line it would almost be funny, like in a bad movie.


I wonder what they are working on - if the latest prototypes “arrive” …


Isn’t that obvious? In the next Hype.


hi ~
My backer number is # 6126.

My order number is 28250a12a1f98e6165cb77c9c1ea4103.

I switched from 5K Plus to 5K BE(XR) and paid up to $ 200, but I did not receive any reply or confirmation.

Spreadsheet is not checked in 5K BE(XR).

Spreadsheet What does “need further communication”?

Can I get 5K BE(XR)?

@PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao @SweViver


I associated it with the swords controllers… thought they would be doing mostly in house …


I would contact @SweViver in a PM directly. He can probably help You out.


Unfortunately @PimaxUSA has revealed no joy for controllers in July; so likely not till fall or later.


I associated it with the stations. I still find it strange that they sell them cheaper, especially if they don’t manufacture them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pimax end up giving us a coupon for what we pay and tell us to buy them elsewhere. I will be surprised that manufacturers sell them at a much lower price to the competition.


Well keep in mind KS price now & even then a steal. But doable with first oem advertised price for LH module at $50 to $60ea. But who knows what Valve has Jacked up this price since advertised as we know they changed the price & choked availability to ensure Index has center stage without competition at launch.


Damn a that sucks. Would be nice to at least know what they are “enhancing”. Just hope we get them this Fall and all store buyers latest for early Christmas business