Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



Just have to wait & see. As things are Vague & early statements appear to maybe have been overzealous.

Be interesting to see if WalkOVR & Kat Loco are on target for August start shipping. Looking forward to those projects for enhancement to VR.

Though need availability of additional nodes for my preferences lol.


I really think a smart phone should be able to do the job. They’re pretty damn accurate :grin:


Well I recall a fellow using a smartphone for Battletech for torso twist on phone binding.

That game would be awesome in VR but has a lit of control bindings


Try OpenVR-WalkInPlace, it’s free, doesn’t require additional hardware and works with almost every game that uses smooth locomotion. Can’t imagine playing Skyrim without it anymore.


Definitely a good inexpensive idea much like Natural locomotion.

But WalkOVR & Kat Loco will give potenial of MOCAP which will give more uses than simple Locomotion.

Atm OpenVR walk in place a no go for me no LHes.

With WalkOVR there is potential of Kicks with base package. But definitely a great no extra hardware option.


Not a fan of additional wires with WalkOVR but Kat Loco looks promising.


Kat Loco interesting but a downside will be battery fade. 3 sensors will not have the same Mocap accuracy of using 5 sensor base.

Wires really won’t be too much of nuisance imho. Sensors will only have to run on 1 battery instead of having to be powered individually.

I backed both & in reality both are priced about the same when you count sensors included. 3 vs 5. Setup time should be similar. Wireless sensors do seem appealing for sure. I do like the idea of WalkOVR having a controller add on.


People are still talking as if when the nonsense controllers come out is when we will get controllers and base stations. It’s not.
There is no time frame on our controllers and thus our LHs.
Nonsense is just something else they’re doing in the meantime. Whatever the timeframe it’s still nonsense.
Literally, I wish Pimax would start making sense.


ha so true, they don’t have to make sense as they already have our money so a smoke screen is their preferred strategy and safe place. And when we do get an "update " it’s full of words yes but nothing concrete. I’m feeling more confident after the last few “updates” that controllers and basestations will not be in our hands until this winter or 2020.


I’d say that’s a sure bet


Sad but True … 2020


Did you check your mailbox? we have contacted unshipped backers for several rounds. Please submit your ticket in helpdesk.


You have made people pay additionnal shipping fees for those base stations and now you refuse to ship them without the controllers so that “you” can save money on shipping ?..

This is unfair Pimax… Especially since you have told us several times you would send the base stations without waiting for the controllers to people asking for this.

Also some people have just paid for base stations and are waiting for this only, not controllers. If you want to ask people who have bought both if they agree to wait for the controllers to receive their base stations, why not. But then don’t make people waiting for base stations only hostages of this, as without controllers there will be no saving on shipping.

But then I’m now wondering if Pimax will be allowed to send base stations alone to people who have only paid for that, or if the only way to get them will be the bundle with controllers. Meaning people who have paid for base stations alone would have no other choice but to pay additionnal money to add the controllers to get their already paid base stations…

Can you give a clear confirmation people who have paid for base stations only will get them without having to buy your controllers ? Because the fact you now only communicate on sending the base stations bundled with controllers is worrying me.

Not that I’m not interested in your controllers but that will only be the Sense version which, if I understand well, will come even later than the non-Sense that is already still just a prototype in July (meaning probably several months before the Sense version gets ready for production, right ?).

On top of that, even if I was buying your Sense controllers I wouldn’t buy them at launch. After all the issues on the HMDs (for which the fixes you list in this update won’t benefit to early adopters) I don’t want to play the paying betatester for the controllers. So I would wait a bit to have the confirmation from early adopters that those controllers are reliable. But then that would imply a huge delay to get the already paid base stations if they were only sent bundled with the controllers, and I’m not even sure I will want to buy those controllers !

So please Pimax give us some clarifications. And please, if you already have some base stations in stock (you say in this update their are currently in production, so you have some in stock ?) then just send them right now to people who have just paid for this, have been waiting for them a long time already, and have already paid shipping fees to have them delivered as soon as they are available. This has always been the deal and was repeated many times here by Pimax officials.


I recall @PimaxUSA saying there would be some sort of web form to indicate choices for those Backers who perhaps wanted to choose Sword over Sense, or only have basestation orders. Is that still the plan, @Dallas.Hao?


@Dallas.Hao Please give an Update to this


Since I’ve purchased a Vive Pro for the base stations and Index Controllers, how about giving me the difference between the 8K Basic and the 8K Full Package (which I purchased), since I no longer need either?

Also, I’m still waiting for my $100 for downgrading to a 5K.

Also, what happened to the offer of $100 for accepting the cracks in my 5K, as is?

Just give my a $400 credit ( all totaled up) toward an 8KX and we’ll call it good!

Sounds reasonable to me!


Great idea!
Many of us have now bought lighthouseboxes elsewhere or even the index complete package.
Just give your customers the opportunity to decide if they want their money back or wait until a certain date. It is of course important to communicate honestly when delivered!



Q4 2019 for the base stations and controllers ?? Do you confirm this info from customer support ?
That would mean somewhere between October 1st and December 31, so 3 to 6 months from now !
Or is it only for new orders and backers and pre-orders will get them sooner than that ?

Please communicate more precisely on the base stations status. Where are you at with this now ?
Do you already have some stock or still nothing at all ?
A few months ago your were promising you were about to begin to ship them !


I think that statement turned out to be that the manufacturer (Valve) had started shipping, not that Pimax actually had any yet.

At this point, I don’t care about either base stations nor controllers. I only ordered an 8K and 1 base station. I gave up waiting and bought a new lighthouse from Amazon, so I’m in no hurry for either of those.

What I would really like is some of the Kickstarter bonuses: Cooling fans (it’s gotten hot!), deluxe hard head-strap, and face-pad, in particular.


A lot of us ordered the full package and are not happy at all about having to wait til end of year (according to Pimax estimate, which means add on easily a few more months to that) for full motion support. I refuse to pickup vive wands which are way over priced for what they are and ergonomic / functional crap. And of course the wonderful news from Valve that Canada doesn’t exist in their ordering database.