Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



Your unhappiness is entirely justified.

I think I came into this with differing expectations. I’m happy to have actually received a headset, which works pretty well (for the limited subset of seated games that I play).

That’s a fairly good outcome from a Kickstarter. I understand that things have not gone nearly as well for others, which is most unfortunate.


Think how bad it would be to have taken the job of rep for N America. You would be constantly making excuses, hedging and downright lying. It will be nearly 2 years before I get what I was promised in 2 months (according to Pimax). Their communication has been vague at best and non-existent at worst. They always have excuses. They made a lot of promises they were not even close to fulfilling. They started “selling” to the public when the backers have not received the promised goods. With these shoddy business practices I think Pimax will eventually fail.


I guess I backed a different project. All dates were Estimated delivery dates. Yes they never hit any of the estimates or new projections for completion. And yes were still waiting on completion.

Interestingly all the talk about FR; looked up FoveVR. Kickstarted in 2014 with estimated delivery Aug 2015. Deliveried 2017.

Hopefully they do have things ready by Jan 2020 as it has been long. But there looking to deliver more than just a headset.

Now please let’s avoid calling this a strawman argument. As that as bad as labeling a concern spreading false conspiracy theories.

All sides pimax & backer alike would like to have things complete. Hopefully things can soon accelerate to a conclusion. But of course were not there yet.

And truthfully unlike fallen projects like Hardlight Vest we will get all KS rewards fulfilled.

Sisense sold vaporware to pre orders & never shipped 1 backed unit or pre order in 4 years; sold STEM tech research & only refunded money with 0 interest. Sisense still around.

Now Don’t get me wrong it has sucked to see the carrot seeming just in reach so many times to have it drift into the distance.


our mantra. Let us pray at the altar of the tease that keeps us coming back daily :rofl::rofl:


Im not intended to start another discussion here, but compared to the majority of KS projects, Pimax delivered 3 products (headsets) to almost every backer within 16 months or so after the campaign, except for a smaller amount of backers that never confirmed their shipping address.

There are new headsets coming up very soon, such as the 8K X, and the promised accessories are in the works as well.

Pimax never sold any units before the backers were set. The ‘sales’ you mention were just initial pre-orders arranged for upcoming sales. Every single one of these pre orders has been fulfilled now as well. The manufacturing is rolling on full time now. New orders today are processed within a few days and delivered between 2 working days and 2-3 weeks depending on where you ordered it from (Amazon or official website) as well as where you live.

The delays of accessories have partially been caused by 3rd party companies halting the production or changing agreements. But finally things are looking good now thanks to some great efforts made by Pimax the last months.

Im not sure how you can see this as a fail.

If you ask me, I would be more concerned about the fact that people might need to wait for a Valve Index until December if they order it now. Or the fact that HP Reverb (once again) recalled their units because of faulty panels.


Among the best Kickstarter scams, I believe that Cyberith Virtualizer is unbeatable. Money taken from backers used to finance B2B products, and no one has received anything since 2014.


Usually one wants to compare with the “good ones” and not with the “worst” … :slight_smile:
But I get the point, my cybershoes have already 5 month delay and they are relativly simple compared to a VR - System…


Not necessarily, talking about risky operations it is good to compare with the worst cases


is there any news on the 8k x, have you been able to get a test device and start seeing how it performs on your 2080ti with a single display port connection etc.

I personally am very excited about the 8k x, and I am really hoping it performs well. I am loving the fact it will have RGB panels, therefore no or very little SDE… exciting

what is the expected or rough release date, will it be this Summer in UK


Derek once mentioned that 8KX is expected to be released in July but nothing solid.


Indeed & let’s not forget “Solar Roads” there are still some whom believe this scam will deliver.


Derek mentioned an 8kX prototype should be ready.


I know you have been a cheerleader for Pimax but you are full of excuses for them. “Every single one of these pre orders has been fulfilled now as well.” Really? then where are my base stations and controllers? As it sits I have had my headset since March and still cannot use it without those. The headset came with a faulty cable which through Pimax poor communication it took 40 days to replace. As a backer I think it was reasonable to expect some delays but 19 months? and I still can’t use the headset?

  1. I didn’t ask you.
  2. Why would I care at all about Valve or HP because I didn’t give them my money.
  3. Thats your point?
  4. Your point is pointless. I’m tired of the excuses and lame statements like the one you just made.


Fove VR had amostva full 2 years to only deliver a headset. Pimax has beaten that. As you know LHes are delayed due to a 3rdparty (Valve).

While it is true some cannot bare to use the hesdset without 6dof; but it can be used in a limited fashion. Explaining a situation sure maybe viewed as an excuse; but honestly it is simply the reality.

The song “There is a hole in the bucket” comes to mind.

Sure no one can tell you not to feel how you do.

But I’m sure you will be more cautious about backing a Kickstarter now that you know that estimates are not promises & that you are not likely to see your pledge materislize into product when prefered.

I know I have & still recently backed 2 more projects. Of which haven’t joined their forums. Just relaxing reading an update when my email is dinged. They will come when ready if they are successful. And hopefully they enjoy more success than Hardlight Vest(a project that succeeded & failed shortly after never fully delivering).

Why should you care about Valve? Who do you think is making the LHes for everyone?


How long are we going to see these useless comments? Do you really think that complaining for missing lighthouses will make them arrive sooner? It’s a serious question, do you really think that? It’s the first question of a my very own QI test.


I don’t think the point is that “they will come faster”, it’s “tell us ANYTHING at all about them”.

@SweViver it’s nice that Pimax as a company are gearing up to launch a new headset, but for the majority of backers that’s not particularly relevant. Why would they replace what they just bought for a new headset? Especially when many of us are without complete 6dof packages.

It would be great to hear or see the progress Pimax making with their accessories, as well as the rest of the backer rewards. It still hasn’t even been communicated how and when we should expect to see these promises. Three pieces of “selected content”? Not even defined, despite assumedly requiring zero shipping and development time.


Simple truth here, no meaningful hardward projects takes one year to complete. No one wants to pay for something they will have in more then one year.

Then you have a Kickstarter campaign… little outdated but don’t think it’s better now

Myself i’m Waiting for two other projects who’s delivery is delayed by 1 and 2 years


No, comparing to the worst cases is promoting mediocrity. When you want things to improve you compare to the highest possible standard. Comparing to the lowest just tends to decrease quality.

If you complain you are not sure it will make things go faster, but you have a chance it will.
If you don’t complain then the other party will be free to do what they want.

And how many RMA for Pimax ?..
We can see backers who are at their 3rd RMA for the same HMD…

And how many faulty cables replaced ? Those cables that Pimax had promised they would be the fixed version for the end of the backer list but there were still faulty cables, and the improvement of this cable is even promised again in this update, 7 months after Pimax first said it was fixed…

How many RMA still pending because people are waiting for a service center to open near them ? Doing that was super fast for NA, I think people there even have 2 address they can ship their faulty HMD to, getting even pre-paid return label, while people in EU (and maybe elsewhere too) are still waiting a service center opens there (that was promised “soon™” a few months ago, still waiting today…).

When I see people with multiple RMA already, or that huge thread about cracked housings, or people saying they are waiting for a faster RMA procedure (= waiting for a service center to open near them), or waiting for a clear clarifcation the units produced now have a fixed/improved housing so they don’t receive a replacement that will have the same issue again, then I wonder if this is not the reason (or at least one of the reasons) for the never ending delays for the base stations and the rest of the promised accessories. If the RMA rate has been higher than expected that would be a good reason to have investors asking Pimax to cut their costs…

So yes they have delivered the HMDs but this is the only success (well, partial success, because even for the HMD alone there was a huge delay already).

But they have not convinced thousands of backers to give them money with a HMD only. Those people were promised a lot of accessories, and some that cannot even be classified as “accessories” (without base stations you only get a 3DOF HMD, and that’s another reason for not calling the HMD part of the KS “a success”. People have given their money with the promise of a 6DOF HMD with “Pimax base stations”, the KS never said you would need to get the base stations by yourself to get 6DOF support).

So all that part of the KS is just a complete failure for now, and the deadlines (well… lack of deadlines I should say) is not inspiring any confidence…

We can’t even know if Pimax has some base stations in stock already. And if they do then they wouldn’t tell us because they don’t want to have people asking to ship them now without waiting for the controllers.

All this cumulated is not how you build a strong reputation, and Pimax reputation suffers from that. This is the first answer when people are asked if they have been considering a pimax HMD. They are often interested by the specs but don’t want to buy one because they feel the company behind it is unreliable.


I don’t agree. Ask yourself why so many kickstarter projects fail. Because turning a crowdfunding into a consumer product is really, really hard. Those who complete it, even with some complications, aren’t mediocre, is one of the best. Don’t compare Pimax to Facebook, Valve, Samsung, HTC… Or HP… Oops!

I’m not saying not to complain, I’m complaining too, I’m saying that complaining about the Lighthouses (and by extension the controllers) is stupid. We all know, this is in Valve’s hands. It’s certainly Pimax’s biggest problem, because it’s not under their control, and it’s stupid thinking that they’re not doing everything they can on that.

The right to complain is earned by complaining for the right thing, otherwise you look like a dog barking at cars, and no one cares about you.


When comparing things you should compare it on equal ground. Most Tech Kickstarters by definition are fails by the standards your going by; including Oculus and look where Oculus is now?

High standards?

  • HP Reverb?
  • Htc Vive Pro broken audio at launch or the panel issue after FW update. Etc…

Complaining rarely makes things go faster & when it does we see RMAs. Now complaining don’t get me wrong can be therapeutiic. To alleviate one’s frustration.

Controller hold back makes sense if you consider to be compatible with Index Controllers you need the controllers. The index controllers are more than a vive wand remix like LG’s Pythons that never came to be. Lg just stopped talkning about Ultragear; it is curious why Valve didn’t use it’s psvr like flip up.

As for % of RMA vs shipped? HP atm likely wins the prize.