Pimax Progress Report June 26th, 2019



This doesn’t contradict my statement. Comparing with the worst case will result in leveling down. If backers always do that then it can be a reason why KS failure rate stays that high… If people were less forgiving then companies using KS as a funding source would be forced to up their game (with at least honest communication) if they wanted to continue to benefit from that money to fund projects.

Consumers are just too forgiving with bad products or bad policies in general. They think their voice don’t count but it does. Or they fear to have to face hordes of fanboys existing in any community based around a product or a brand (when you complain you are very likely to be accused of being that bad negative person).

I’m all for KS but it requires respect on both sides. When backers have brought their money in, and also accepted several (long) delays, I think they have done their part of the deal. So if in response they get additionnal delays “to save costs”, at their expense, this is not honest from the other party and complains are then fully legit.

This is just Pimax communication, up to anyone to believe this or not… I was inclined to believe them in the beginning of the KS but much less now. In particular on the base stations subject as their past communication was different than what they say now…

As they claim themselves they delay the lighthouses to cut cost it is not stupid to think they could ship them earlier.

If they can order them but don’t do it for the above reason (and it could be other reasons as well, like waiting the very last minute in hope production cost could decrease a bit as valve is making them manufactured for the index), then they are saving money at the expense of people who are waiting for them…

It would be another story if those had not been paid already (and they have even been paid a looong time ago now…). Such policy doesn’t help improving a reputation or confidence between customers (or backers) and a company…


Your right they could simply return the $75/LH & let users pay full price once valve allows individual sales of OEM or their own.

They may not be doing stellar but neither are they doing horrible. Considering the deal we got; waiting sucks. But it is what it is & at least Valve should be finally ready to give oems their orders.


Isnt it time we move past the kickstarter? Or will Pimax be forever forgiven on failing to meet expectations because they…somewhat…delivered on their initial product when so many others did not? So that’s it? So Pimax is better then other failed kickstarters…wow…hurray for Pimax they werent a total waste of money. But the kickstarter is over, Pimax is selling devices on amazon and other stores. Isn’t it about time we actually held them to a slightly higher standard? Instead every thread has the same people saying “well at least they got the headset delivered, that’s good enough…did you see this or that kickstarter? They failed so be happy you got something…”

But that’s not enough. Because the kickstarter has ended. Pimax has a duty to fulfill what it promised to everyone who supported them. They are a joke right now. No one takes them seriously. Are they trying to make a name in VR or not?


Nah they will complete things. Sure Pi DAS should have been out with face foams day 1. As Pi DAS after unlock was supposed to replace our cloth straps in the KS with some of us paying extra to have a cloth strap.

Headset was primary & yes it will be nice to receive the rest of the full package & Hand tracker for those of us that ordered it. Same with 10m cable. Extras stretch goals like eye tracker will be nice as well. Really just need a real update with realistic projections of possible release

No more carrot info releases just honest possibilities with folks knowing difference between potential & it’s on it’s way.

They’ve already made a name; they just need the parts to continue the journey.


You are so right, but they refuse to give one and I dont understand this…


As I understand, they delay the controllers due to lack of Lighthouse.

If they hadn’t delayed the controllers, they would have delayed something else, and someone would be complaining about something else

A choice was inevitable, in the absence of the Lighthouses they made the most logical


Do you think if they knew, they wouldn’t tell you?

I’m a developer, when I’m forced to provide a time-line I’m always wrong, and I disappoint my customers.

There are jobs that require problem solving, and sadly they’re ready when they’re ready.

What Pimax should always communicate is WHAT he’s doing, not WHEN. Sometimes they have forgotten even the WHAT, only in this case I can blame, the delays are not to blame, nobody wants to delay a job


They should know by know when something like face foam can be accomplished. If they don’t then there is some serious incompetence going on at Pimax.

The fact that they dont have a clue when any of their accessories will arrive is a problem.


I am IT consultant… If I don’t deliver for months without proper explaination… I had one job…


When you’re comparing your company to startups that failed prior to delivering anything…and concluding you are a success…priceless.


It’s possible somethings they can’t give a prefered answer. To me just say NDA if needed.

With LightHouses we know is Valve Time. Now one could say why not release controllers if ready?

Imho it’s not simply LH supply, but also compatability with Index Controllers. To ensure compatability they need the index controllers out to ensure they can map properly & they need controller profile mapping.

Some keep complaining that Pitool steals binding from steam. This is necessary due to pimax headset & controllers will not use SteamVR firmwares. Which of course leads to 2nd challenge that is also likely being worked on. There passthrough routine to allow Steamvr controllers to be able to get steamvr firmware updates.

Pimax’s watchmon built in dongles in headset need to be able to be controlled in pitool & pass needed info to steamvr. So it will come in time all things will play nice. Remember WMR early steamvr issues?

This is steamvr compatable not steamvr native. Even old Tandy needed programs to sometimes have extra tweaks. Much like Index has had to have some tweaks to ensure Compatability.

Eye Tracking even with Fove O headset has very little adoption. 3 peices of content might be tied to the Eye Tracking modul so it has more than menu selection & ipd assist setup; maybe there being smarter than Index controllers & will have something more than simple demos.

Valve should have had HL3 VR with Index Controllers to really showcase things.


Sisense was not a Startup. Tbh I am surprised AntVR has had little traction & am interested in how their AR glasses are doing.

Oculus was failing & some folks critize Lucky for allowing Zuckerberg help save it.

Plus haven’t really seen pimax compare themselves to anyone myself.


Helio, I have to say I do find your incessant ‘look up there, it’s a dead pigeon’ responses trying to detract from Pimax’s shortcoming extremely tiring and frankly condescending.

I too backed one lighthouse only but I understand it is made by a third party so can accept the delay. What I can’t accept is the fact that pieces of different thicknesses of foam can’t be sent, the fan and DAS haven’t been finalised when the design hasn’t changed for about 2 years now and the codes for 3 pieces of software haven’t been emailed.

Also note that as I recall, extra shipping was added per option of lighthouse or controller so there is no reason to have to wait for everything to be ready. If parts were sent when ready then I’m sure people would be more accepting of delays with other parts of the package they ordered and you wouldn’t have to keep typing about every other obscure Kickstarter project you can think of that failed to try to make us feel grateful we’ve actually received something.

The hard part has been done, getting the 8K has been great but these delays and radio silences are knocking the shine off it.


It could be anything, since the original announcement they’ve never, to my knowledge, given ANY information as to their nature.


A few months in a one-month project is a problem, a few months in a two-year project is more than usual

Obviously it depends on the project, if they ask me to do something I’ve already done I’m very accurate, but if they ask me to create something completely new I can’t. In many cases, large companies simply refuse to create something completely new.


Well I can’t help how you choose to perceive things. Plus if you took time to read I have clearly stated Pi DAS & foam should have been ready on delivery of headset. Especially since some of us paid extra to have the cloth strap as a spare. Now everyone has the cloth strap for free.

Now I get it your tired & this often affects perception. Primary delay of LHes = Valve: we don’t know if pimax has of yet received any Lighthouses to rebrand. It was later clarified it was Valve that had started producing LHes again in March. Where how it was posted made folks believe Pimax was producing.

So frankly it doesn’t matter & if you paid attention I have many times advocated for those waiting on only LHes including one whom faced had misfortune due to concerns of LHes being swapped out for IO. I supported him as well as info posted could have alleviated this concern.

I can’t help it if your distracted by this reality.


Be realistic, could they say, “We have the controllers ready, but we don’t ship them to whoever ordered the Lighthouses too”. ?

To this audience of very supportive people?


That is so true. All too often, my most pessimistic estimates turn out to be wildly optimistic. That was true in the case of Pimax. I did not believe their estimates, but I expected them to be no more than 6 months late. However, I am glad they spent the time to improve the headset, since that’s what’s most important to me.


All I’m saying is that you constantly point out that other companies are crap to justify the sub par performance of Pimax does nothing to help the wait.


I’m saying the opposite, if the lighthouses are ready for example, ship them to everyone who ordered them whether they ordered controllers or not because we paid additional shipping costs for each additional item.