Pimax restarting alone


pimax 4k restarts alone during a match then returns without sound please help!

  • gtx 1060
  • 16 gb ram
  • fx 8350
  • corsair 600w power supply
  • motherboard krait edition msi 970

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Can you please provide piplay version and current firmware for your 4k.

Also are you sure that the default audio has not changed mid game? Try clicking on your sound bottom right of task bar and see what device is playing… If it’s not the 4k and it has switched to another device just change it back in the drop down




yes I checked the problem of turning the screen on and off?


Hi Heleno

I did not mean to turn the screen (HMD) off and on. I mean check the default sound device on your PC…

If the sound was playing on your 4K HMD and then suddenly stops, look at your PC monitor (bottom right on the task bar) and click the sound icon

then choose the correct audio device. (4k HMD if you are using 4K speakers) or whatever your normal audio device is speakers… headphones…etc

i have noticed that on some Piplay drivers (especially the last one) that the default audio device changes to another device on its own when using it or even before using it!

hope this helps



Good morning, my friend, sorry for not expressing me correctly, the problem was that the screen went off and came back without audio, but corrected the problem was to use the screen in 4k had to put 1080p. because gtx 1060 may not continue. 4k.
Thank you for your attention, I hope the topic is good.