Pimax RMA process



Hi Pimax.

Re: XR case cracking. (#16597)

I am in the process of RMA’ing a headset in the UK and am entirely frustrated by the lack of communication and uncertainty about what is happening to my (very expensive) hardware while it’s in your hands. I’ve tried numerous channels trying to contact someone - even direct to your community manager Martin - but nada, nothing, silence …

The UK warehouse received my headset on September 16th (16 working days as of the time of posting) - is it unreasonable to expect some sort of acknowledgement from yourselves that you have received it?

It would help if you could describe the RMA process - were delays can occur etc so that the users like me don’t feel like they’ve posted their headset into the nearest black hole.

Hope you’re hearing this,

Steve Davies


I’m in the same boat as you. Before September i sended in my headset to get a new one and it took 5 days for me to get the new one after they received the broken one. Now it’s been taking 2 weeks and I’ve received no messages from them. They got my headset 24th September. I’ve sent them an email (usually takes them 1 day to anwser) it has taken almost a while week without any anwser. My ticket #17656. Anyone there? @SweViver @Matthew.Xu


Hi @sjvd @zoyer

I apologize to both of you for the after-sales and non-response.

Due to Dallas left after-sales work has been affected.

But please rest assured that I will handle the after-sales work as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Yours sincerely,


Thanks for answering, what a bummer, hope you guys can get back in action quickly. Mainly started getting impatient because I’m forced to use my vive again which is not near as good as your pimax!


At least you’ve got a Vive! Sorry to hear about Dallas leaving - I guess you guys are under pressure.


Just for the record Mathew - confirmation of receipt of the headset would have prevented a lot of anxiety and really should be part of the booking in process.