Pimax Satisfaction Survey


You & others like myself that have been in these forums for a long time have unique perspectives.

Like we understand the marketing & need to support the products that already exist. The team realizes this as well & are working on the new support system to ensure there existing reputation prior to the 5k/8k project is repaired & maintained as it is just as important as developing the new products.

I do know that they are working on improving the new support system & improving communication.

Now folks Jonny here is also a community lesder & like myself & sj a community member of the Pimaxvr committee that helped evolved the 5k/8k project prior to the Kickstarter launch. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Sure, but it could have been done just by the means of direct communication with Pimax, or an intelligently made poll, since you as moderator should have the means to do it without problems; instead of just catching the ball and taking the opportunity to use the impatience of some really weak users, then get out with like: “Sparta !! …” and drive a crusade against them trying to win as much consensus as possible.

It seems a very strange (or very stupid) way to do marketing, not to say suspect …Fortunately, very few have joined such a farce, while others preferred to target me as their favourite victim, trying to divert the attention of it.

Only my point of view, and since you told me in another message “everyone is free to have his opinions” … it is supposed that I can express mine, right ?? So that’s my opinion…


Oke, I was keeping myself out of that nasty derailed topic but I have to admit I am a little
concerned too regarding Pimax support. I hope they will take this seriously because the
8K shall not be perfect after going to the backers. Communication will be very important.


Well the whole testing and again testing is to make sure it comes to us in perfect shape, thats why we have to wait pretty long for the hmd, because if the creators are not happy with how the hmd is performing they will adjust here and there stuff, like making new lenses in order to tackle issues they themselves did not like it, but many users didn’t care and said you can solve it with 1 or B in a way…some people even mention ducktape…

DO one can assume they set for themselves also a high standard and will try to deliver that standard because ion the long run it will make everyone happy, them as creators and we as consumers.

Now do they set the same standard for communication etc…the answer might be NO.
And the reason might be pretty simple. They are not used to that style yet, and need to adjust to commercial support as a growing company, they need to slowly learn where to adjust and improve to the standard that WE in the WEST are used to.

i would not be surprised if there is a disconnect between support and the scientist so to speak.
It happens in many company even in western company,especially in industrials.

Everyone who knows and works in big company and work at the manufacturing assembly line is also aware for these disconnects, between practical and theory. Even further the big boss of the company, doesn’t even know your name most of the time. One can ask, doesn’t he need to know who makes his company run? And you have many answers for that, ideal is YES because this way you can also address issues directly. And in many cases you
cannot direct issues directly to the big boss who has the power to move things. So it has to go trough many other people and eventually dies somewhere along the line because EVERYONE HAS A OWN STANDARD OF WHAT IS IMPORTANT…and thats the lesson…

Eventually they will nail it, but it will take work and might not be for 2018-2019.
SO we shouting at them doesn’t change one thing, it has to come from inside eventually, we can send signals. But i believe its normal evolution of company that will figure it out sooner or later , they just have other problems to tackle now and maybe its on their list TO DO, but not very high at the top for now…

and being realistic, us complaining won’t make that go higher up the list. it will only go higher up the list, once the things that are top of the list are getting solved or if they hire someone specific to tackle each point on the list.

It is not more then for example a software update…when we report bugs in our games…these things are not issues in a month. it might take a while before a new patch is rolled out to tackle the 50 problems that arises.

Once the patch rolls out it tells us exactly what is fixed and changed. This is reality. Reality is not bug patches every 48 hours or 5 days.

my 2 cent have patient, life your live, don’t wait for updates 24/7, we cannot force updates, we can only remind them, but have also faith pimax is not gonna update every little single small event.


I am in direct contact. But i know its hard to read all posts & why you missed that the clpl displays do perform at 90hz in a Qualcomm project if mem serves i think its Nordic that was mentioned. Or @cdaked & many other new articles detailing lcd advances. But some often mistake vast majority as meaning all.

& after the 101 ridiculous polls thankfully all in 1 topic. Might not be as effective.


@Lillo whatever. I’m not getting drawn into that debate.

Yeah, I understand their communication issues etc, and can say that over the past year they have built up a decent customer service and had good communication with 4K owners.

A lot of said issues have been because they are a small Chinese start up doing Western business. A lot of cultural, language differences at play. Making big promises is very normal for a Chinese business hoping to impress, in my experience.

Understandable, but sometimes they could make it easier on themselves. Like by not calling the 8K the 8K after the 4K branding controversy, and so on.

Anyway, yeah it’s good to hear as always that they are trying to sort it all out. They deserve some credit for that, I think. If you take a look at HTC’s support, it’s shocking, for a quick comparison.


Indeed & often its even harder if too many changes occur.

Target’s failure in Canada is a great example. Zdnet did a fantastic article detailing why this move failed.


You know what they say :innocent:
A bad name comes on a horse, a good name comes by feet. ( chinese fortune cooky :grin: )


If you take a look at HTC’s support, it’s shocking, for a quick comparison.

WOuld be nice for us mortals to be able to look behind the scenes.

HTC exist way longer, has more expertise in all areas.thats something you build up with time.

But i can’t help to imagine looking at support office, when i think of HTC i see like +50 people each office and maybe they have like 6 of these offices across the world?

And then Pimax 8 guys or something :smiley:

Just give it time, its also very easy for support to answer questions that already been asked 500x and a solution has been found so that also add to the quickness.

justa thought how tthings work inreality


That’s not completely true: in most cases the support is done by hired supportburo’s.
They guide you through the process based on what you answer and they see on their computer.
They are payed by the time to help you. Often when the problem is new they contact the manufacturer
for an answer. Look at HP, Internetproviders etc.
Often they are in a different part of the world. ( read cheaper )


You misunderstand I think, I am actually saying that Pimax has better support than HTC.

I did a bit of research, was tempted to get a vive, and there are countless stories of vives breaking due to sweat and htc refusing to help. There are some long youtube videos about it and other problems.

Pimax is probably only a few guys but it is easier to get in touch with them directly, rather than being passed around and put on hold with a monolithic company like htc.


Well, that’s an easy one, pretty much anybody’s support is better than HTC’S support. I have a broken Vive at home although it was well within the warranty period. I gave up after 6 months and 34 emails. They simply refused to check out the HMD to find the issue, just asked me to do the same kind of tests & fixes time and again. It really was a Kafkaesque experience, I have to say. I was stupid enough to order it via their website on the pre-order launch day, so forget about suing them, you would not be able to do it in your own country, so it’s a complete uphill battle - and their support attitude relied heavily on that knowledge.

So even if Pimax were to provide no support at all it would be better - at least you don’t spend so much valuable time with absolutely nothing to show for at the end !


Now this might have helped when a 4k user flipped out after 6 days of not getting a response. For something he did that bricked the firmware. Lol

After he posted in the forums his headset was resolved in 2 days. Though he had trouble following the instructions that a community member gave him.

But as they say that’s done & over. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Wow really are they that horrible?
that boggles my mind tbh


I don’t trust their dates, and haven’t since the Kickstarter went live. They’re been too ambitious and I’m ok with that. Some of the other info has been a little dodgy so I’m definitely skeptical about a few things but really what is to be gained by making shit posts that they’re a bunch of liars and cheats (which I do not think at this point). I’m hoping before the end of the year I have my full 8k package in my hands but if it takes longer to hit 90hz for example, I’ll wait. Make it right the first time and give the VR industry the kick in the ass it needs.


We’ll see…we’ll see ! What in the end this CLPL display will prove to be able to do :smirk:

And all this juggling and struggling trying to reach about +10 or more Hz in these same displays will only add more problems and need for more methods to sync to an optimal frame rate, as it can be seen in the documents me and others have linked, the real and optimal frame rate these displays use is 60Hz, all past and present games are tied to this optimal value, including the racing games and mayor AAA titles, and using fake intermediate and odd refresh rate values (70-75-80-90-100) just adds the need to resync the images to mask the resulting blur, ghosting etc… (Pimax 4K panel is the proverbial elephant in the room in this case…)

Conversely…all that would be avoided with a real doubled refresh 120Hz panel (60x2) that would only require to show doubled amount of frames without losing any sync or need to add tricks, this is why all the upcoming VR panels are almost all 120Hz.

But as I mentioned already, the chosen display was probably the best possible option available to Pimax, when the project was conceived, it’s fine anyway.


ye just wait, i mean sums me a list of VR A+ titles that has released since start 2018…
We can all want our hmd very fast and with 90 hz…but in the end…content is also very important unless you wanna play the same game forever. That is one expensive game then:D


The 5k which is also clpl is capable of 90hz see latest kickstarter update.

Here’s the post you missed.

With the 5k being confirmed at 90hz. Will have to wait but suggests the 8k-X is likely going to be capable to 90hz as neither has the scaler.

Its a speculation of course. But with the 8k-X having 2 dp inputs.

Just be sure to watch the Display tech convention where Google/Lg will ne demoing there oled displays at 18mega pixels at 120hz.

& watch JDI’s 1001ppi 120hz LCD panels being demoed as @Cdaked provided you with a link.

Nvidia had a nice idea of Cascaded Displays for using lcd for vr that reduces latency by i think it was half & really improves visual quality. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: Granted the Nvidia idea might be cheating. Lol

Here’s a forum link


The pimax 4k yes is manufacturer locked at 60hz. It does not run faster. Tho @crony has suggested over driving the display may correct ghosting & he has alot of experience himself building headsets.

The other thing is the pimax 4k doesn’t currently use post processing or ATW. ATW as it is used would also likely correct some ghosting as it helps with Rotational as used in psvr & Vive.

However OLED is going to bring us the Roll up/down screens as Samsung has demoed & LG demoed a nice one at CES. Oled will also bring cool phones like shown in Earth Final Conflict - Global (though we need a flexible touch digitizer).

Lcd will still be around for many years yet. With applications like Projectors & more. These 2 screen types both have their places & need not really completely replace the other.


Well…almost none of the serious commercial projectors use lcd from years now, except the most cheap chinese toys, projector market is now almost fully DLP technology (from Texas Instruments), with the most advanced and recent models using Laser projection, even Xiaomi made one unit with that.

LCD technology is now only relegated to the screens of cheap smartphones, industrial panels, automotive etc. where profit maximization and savings are an essential factor.

Suffice it to look at how the entire Samsung smartphone line has already switched to the total use of OLED panels, and if this does not reach a major diffusion it is only because Samsung itself has practically the
monopoly of such panels for smartphones/tablets and there are not yet alternative producers that invade the market with alternative brands that could lead to lowering prices, but this will change soon anyway.