Pimax screensaver does not disappear until the end


Hi, everybody
there was a very disturbing question for me

before, I could play 3 to 4 without severe eye strain
then I found that the eyes become tired much (it is clear that they are
tired VR )
but here it was really
feeling as if something is stopping
As suddenly
in the navigation menu, room SteamVR
I found out that when you look at the white square under your feet, it’s
kind of off-white, and it’s like there’s some kind of noise.

at first I thought that the lens inside is dirty ( in truth I still do
not fully exclude )
could not understand from where this noise
I helped the game
when I play this effect is almost unnoticeable (ALMOST !) for the brain
but not nearly for the eyes
I looked up at the sky In Skyrim and saw the logo of Pimax

that is, the screen saver with the pimax logo does not disappear until
the end
it is there and gives noise as if making an obstacle between the eyes
and the picture
can from whom was such
how to cure ?
Thank you in advance
set the version of Piplay(2/0/7) before this all cleaned including App
cut down the helmet with a computer
helmet itself
nothing could
firmware version